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It Bothers Some People That I Am Happily Single, But Should I Care?

Posted: June 29, 2017

It is my right to be happily single if I want to, and I don’t really care if anyone else thinks it is their business to interfere!

When did you last visit a marriage party after turning 25? I am sure you were asked by loving aunties when you are getting married. Did you by any chance say that you were not prepared ? Well how big were the eyes upon you?

Now that you are 30 you must be in a hurry to get married and searching for a prospective groom. No? Why? Shame on you Indian women. When are you planning to marry exactly?

Wait. Are you planning to stay unmarried?? Can this be true? Please understand foolish woman this is impossible. Okay okay not impossible. But almost like that. Society will look down upon you with suspicious dirty minds. Relatives won’t allow their teenager kids to stay close to you.

Yes this happens. Male members of your residential society will be asked to stay away from you. Because unmarried woman indirectly means woman of bad character. Isn’t it?

Dear, forgive our immature society. It does not understand the idea that an woman can take a major decision of her life. It cannot accept that She can live alone if she wishes to. There may not be a dramatic incident behind her choice. If she is unmarried, it does not mean she will eye others’ male partner.

You wish to stay single for a reason important to you. Society may try to break you. Ignore and work your own way. Smile, make others smile and live peacefully. Make friends, go to parties and enjoy a balanced life. Be a strong successful woman and create an example. Be a role model for the women who decides to stay happily single.

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