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Dear Bra, I Need Some Space

Taking off the bra once you're home - every woman knows the pleasure of doing this. Ah, the comfort and the freedom!

Taking off the bra once you’re home – every woman knows the pleasure of doing this. Ah, the comfort and the freedom!

Dear Bra,

I understand how much you love me. You always try to stay close. You have never left me alone since I was 14 years old.

Whenever I went out, you were there hugging me tight. You left me only for a few hours at night when you needed to sleep.

I am sorry to break this to you.

Dear, I am tired of your over-possessiveness. My breasts need some space. You can be a friend with whomever you want. I will go out whenever I want. But get some life of your own please. You can’t hug me 24*7.

I have never said this to you but I always felt relieved at night when you were not with me. I could breathe finally after long tiring days.

Our society has also never allowed me to celebrate our relationship openly. I was afraid of even a slightest peek of your strap. It’s hard you know.

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It’s better that we part our ways and stay friends. Stay blessed and helpful. Stay colourful. Stay with frills forever.

PS: A secret. You don’t know to hug right. You never fit properly. My breasts aren’t meant to squeeze into whatever. Do something about your size no?

Love you! Bye for now…

Image source: pixabay

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