How Prepared Are Indian Companies To Deal With Sexual Harassment At Work? #WomenOnTheMove

It is time corporate India stops trivializing sexual harassment at work. Time for a paradigm shift in workplace policies. #WomenOnTheMove

It is time corporate India stops trivializing sexual harassment at work. Time for a paradigm shift in workplace policies. #WomenOnTheMove

Sexual harassment at work – is it a secret? Well, in the wake of the recent serious allegations of sexual harassment being leveled against some of the biggest corporate honchos of India Inc., sexual harassment at the workplace is not a secret anymore. In fact the number of incidents that are coming to light is telling of how deep-seated the menace is.

Although companies in India are legally required to have policies in place against sexual harassment at the workplace, it is disheartening to see that many still do not have clear-cut definitions for employees as to what falls under the purview of sexual harassment. Also, women who have been sexually harassed seldom file a complaint for fear of disbelief or the issue being trivialised or they being at a risk of losing their jobs; not to mention the lifelong stigma such a move could entail. Those who muster the courage to act often end up entangled in long-winding legal battles.

Last week, in our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat over at Twitter, we discussed what type of actions fall under the purview of sexual harassment at work, the importance of creating a safe work environment for women and how prepared corporate India is in dealing with sexual harassment at work. This is what #WomenOnTheMove said.

Defining sexual harassment at work

It does not always have to be groping; even a crude joke or a suggestive remark that makes a woman uncomfortable, falls under the purview of sexual harassment at work. 

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Personal stories of sexual harassment at work

Are the company policies in the right place?

Women don’t report sexual harassment for fear of re-victimization


The importance of creating a safe working environment for women


Organisation’s role is crucial


Organisations should step in and step up their role because this should not happen to any woman:

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