A Woman’s Career Is Her Lifelong Dream, Not Just The Job She Has

A woman's career is an integral part of her self, and has to do with her passion, something that she is driven to do.

A woman’s career is an integral part of her self, and has to do with her passion, something that she is driven to do.

“It is an undocumented fact that the man in the family has to work for a living. Based on the family’s financial needs, the woman in the family has to work. However, as her main ‘work’ she is supposed to take care of the family – right from the cooking to the cleaning.”

These thoughts have become so much a part of our culture and generation that it is not easy to bring about a sudden change. But what, really, is this career?

Work is something that we do to earn money. But career is something that we have to choose with our wisdom. It should be associated with our interest, passion, and at the same time, it should help our income. We can compromise on our interest towards work, but not on our career. It is a long-term relationship – associated with our heart and talent.

So, when a woman gives up her career, it actually means that she is breaking-up with her love, and possibly, closing the chapter of her ‘talent’ in her autobiography. There can be a pause, a comma, but not a full-stop to her career. It is like having your hands and not getting to use them!

It’s not just the feelings – ‘responsibility, owning a task, thirst to complete on-time, thinking out-of-the-box, inspiring co-workers, guiding juniors’, etc – but career gives you much more than this. There is a lot of self-learning involved. Your personality gets groomed.

I don’t intend to say that you’ll lose all this when you quit your job and decide to be a ‘stay at home’ woman. Of course, you’ll still have responsibilities at home – you’ll have the need to think ‘out-of-the-box’ for your children, etc.

However, this is not the dream we dreamt, when in school. This was not on our minds, when we chose our college course. While we respect the beautiful roles in our lives – as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a friend – we also think of doing justice to the roles and give it our best. However, we forget ‘self’ – forget to take care of ourselves and keep our brain active.

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Every individual is born with a talent that grows with passion. So, by being a wife or a mother – you really don’t get the right to kill your talent. You can give up your work if it does not suit your work-life balance. But, never give-up your career. IT’S YOUR IDENTITY. It shows who you are! If you find something you love, you’ll find a way to pursue it. And then you can slowly associate it with your financial requirements or you can keep it parallel and pursue it like a hobby or consulting.

Now, to do that, a woman needs a lot of support from her close circle, especially, her spouse. When I told my best friend that I have a cook at home, his first response was “Ain’t you shameless to have someone else cook for your family, being a woman? Too much!” He knew that I am a working woman and have many tasks to complete before I come to work. But still this was his immediate reaction. I was so unhappy with him – for what the culture and tradition has done to him. When we can order stuff online – with delivery charge, in order to save time, why can’t we have a maid or a cook to give us that time to relax? However, people and their opinions differ. If you are against having a cook, then make sure that you help your wife in the kitchen. In a way, by not helping or supporting, you are killing that lady’s career and passion. So, lend your shoulders, instead of pointing your finger at her TO DO list.

As part of my parenting blogs , I have also mentioned that children become more smart when they look up to their working mothers. They learn to adjust, they learn to compromise some nice time, but they learn how to balance, how to manage multiple things successfully. They understand quality time.

So, ladies – if the job is killing your heart, that is just a work for you to quit, but when it remains in your heart, even when you are on a break, then that’s the passionate career you should pursue.Do not let anyone or anything stop you!

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