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My Domestic Help Gauriamma Is A Mother Too! Why Has Our Feminism Mostly Ignored Her?

Posted: December 25, 2016

Underprivileged moms are also just as much in need of support as other women are, and need to come under the umbrella of feminism too!

It was five in the morning. The cool breeze and change of weather was making her a little lazy. But she had to get up and get ready. She gently put one pillow next to her two-month-old baby and frantically moved to the kitchen. Made one tea to charge her up, tied her hair, took bath and within 15 minutes she was ready to go.

It’s not an easy task for a Mom to leave a two month old baby with her husband for even a few hours. But she had no other options. She knew having a baby changes everything, even your own priorities. She informed her husband, kissed her newborn, fed her before leaving so that she won’t feel hungry for the next two hours and left.

This is the routine of Gauriamma, who had to resume work as a cook, post two months of her delivery. Her husband is an everyday wage earner and now with an addition to their family, living in a metro city and managing expenses with one salary wasn’t easy. She knew that with a nuclear family she couldn’t be out of the house for a long period of time. She would have to support the baby alone and, can’t really let her husband look after the baby the whole day at home.

Expenses of a new born are huge and include vaccines, clothes, milk and other basic things that every new mom and baby need.The only way to balance her life with soaring expenses is to leave early for 2-3 hours, work as a cook in one house and come back. Till then, her baby would be taken care of by her husband.

It really takes a village to raise a child but it takes courage for a Mom to work like this. It is the love for the baby that gives the courage and determination to work in every tough situation. It indeed is the special power of GOD, which takes birth, along with the baby. Challenges are accepted easily, just for the sake of the child. A strong will power of a MOM for her baby, which is the same for a rich woman or a poor, an educated or an illiterate one. For a MOM everything changes with a new addition in her life.

There must be many Gauriammas in and around us, who might never have had a healthy diet during their pregnancy, no Lamaze classes, no anti-natal classes, no luxury in delivering, but they are the same as all of us with the same heart of the mother. They equally love their children and try every possible way to give them those things which they had never had in their own life.

When we talk about feminism and women’s liberation, we often miss talking about such ladies. There are many such as domestic helps, cleaners, lady bus conductors, cab drivers, and post-women. They might not have a matriculation degree or any foreign Ph.D., but they have the same grit and wit as ours. They also require a word of appreciation and applaud, just the way we need. And certainly, I feel there is so much to learn from them too.

Life is not all about your degrees and report cards, there’s much more to it. It’s more about an individual who has the will to make life more beautiful than expected, with a will power to change every thing impossible to possible, fighting against all odds.

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  1. Very well said, Ekta! Empathy for people who are less fortunate than us is one of the most important quality of a true human, that’s what I believe! We should try our best to help these women who work for us in any way possible…we should also try to understand their situation and treat them with respect and dignity.

    • Thanks Kasturi for understanding my point. I feel every woman is a struggler in her own way. Some finds their goal and few miss. We can only support them to to achieve what they had planned for their life, may be a little contribution!!

  2. Yes Ekta you make a valid point on which we all must ponder. Most of us women are employers of maids and house help, and we must be sympathetic and empathetic of their contribution to the lessening of our household burden of chores while handling their own burdens both financial and emotional. They too are often feminists in their own right-taking risks by leaving their homes and going to work and earn. Thus, they contribute to the welfare of their own families and act as a support system for us because of which we can work or enjoy freedom from some household chores. I have seen maids who rise above their difficult personal situations working in many homes each day just to be able to educate their kids. This determination and strength is remarkable and praiseworthy and we must support them whenever we can. Often they need advice, guidance and direction besides the money we pay them and we should not shy away from helping them in providing this assistance too. Besides. as workers they too need motivation and job satisfaction and we women who employ them must offer them these so that they may continue to work to help us and to help their families improve their standard of living.

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