Choosing Life Over Cancer: Story of Cancer Survivor Duriya Kapasi

On the eve of World Cancer Day, we share the story of  author Duriya Kapasi, a cancer survivor who fought the dreadful disease and came out triumphant. 

On the eve of World Cancer Day, we share the story of  author Duriya Kapasi, a cancer survivor who fought the dreadful disease and came out triumphant. 

There is no dearth of life-threatening diseases. The saga of development and popping pills has been going hand in hand. Also, we have reached the highest number of diabetic patients in India around the world. Just like diabetics, cancer is also making its adverse impact on our lives. Diabetes is India’s fastest growing disease and cancer is not far behind. The number of cancer cases, especially breast cancer cases are increasing every year in India. The most common cancers in India are Breast cancer, Cervical cancer and Oral cancer.

I am not sure if you have seen someone very close to you, who is battling cancer. It’s not at all easy. The word ‘Cancer’ itself is so traumatic and dreadful. The patient’s life changes in a fraction of seconds. Their priorities, family all gets affected.

Personally, I know two mums who had lost their battle to cancer. They were young and middle aged. I’ve closely seen their happy lives revolving around work and family. Then suddenly the word CANCER entered their life and made it miserable. They were the makers of their own destiny, wanting to spend time with their near and dear ones just like us. But, after a few years of rigorous battle, they lost. It was disheartening to see their families living in grief for so many months together. It is not easy to lose someone close to you so tragically.

I am not overlooking the success stories of those who have won over the deadly disease. In fact, I bow to them as triumphing over this deadly disease is not easy. Mental barriers have to be broken, support system from the family must be strengthened and one must have a strong willpower to fight with this demonic disease every second.

Apart from many successful stories across the world I got to know about one more fighter who managed to win over cancer. She is one of those winners who pushed cancer away with her determination and patience.

Duriya Kapasi is an author, creative writing teacher; motivational speaker and a senior Wattpad Ambassador. She was born and raised in East African Country of Tanzania, although her roots belong to India. She is now married and settled in Udaipur.  Durriya has authored three books and has been featured in many national and international newspapers.

She is a cancer survivor and it was not easy for her when she heard that cancer has invaded her life.

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“It shattered me for a while when I come to know that I have cancer, I said “for a while” because, after that while, I realized that I have no way to escape, either fight and win or fight and die but I have to fight. So, I decided to fight and God helped me to win. Now its life without cancer and every day I thank God for giving good health back. Life is very precious and more precious is having good health, so we should live a happy and healthy life and whatever we can to achieve good health”.

On talking about life lessons for those who are battling with cancer she told,” Its true that we all have to die one day or other but let not the disease like Cancer break you, scare you and demotivate you. When we say battle then we should also remember that warriors fight battles and not everyone can be a warrior. If God has tested us with Cancer then be sure that we are brave enough to face it, fight it and even win over it”

She also stated that a cancer patient needs both mental and physical support to face every odd during the treatment. She is now empowering many lives who are battling with the deadly disease and is truly an inspiration!

Image Source: Ekta Shah

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