The Cry Of A Foetus [#Poetry]

A female foetus is murdered in utero, but pledges to come back through another womb, at another time, but still as a girl child. An incisive poem.

Securely I lie huddled in my mother’s womb
Happily I dream
Of the day I will place my tiny feet out
On the face of this earth
Of the verdant green
Of the blazing sun
Of the golden daffodils
Whispering to me

Voices I hear
Shaken I feel
Unspoken words, unfinished tasks
The edge of a steely blade
The rigid contours of the human mind
Scared and Appalled
Is this the world I fathomed?
Is this the world am destined to enter?

Slaughtered and butchered
My tiny face puckers into a coverlet of tears
The innocent me refuses to surrender
To give up
To die
With the last of my effort
I cry out to the unconcerned, cruel world
Let me live
Let me dream
Let me not die

How I wish I were a male
How I wish I could feel the pincers clutching on to my legs
Pulling me out to witness the world of beauty, of glory
Alas! I am a wretched female
A wretched female I wish to be
In my next life
In the nine lives to come

Knives I see
Blades I see
Blood I see
They deem me a stillborn
I deem myself murdered and throttled
I shall come back yet another day
I shall come back through yet another womb

Thou shall see me fight and fight
To make my sex known
To make myself known
To defy all odds
And make you ponder
How I wish I had let her live
How I wish I had let her dream
How I wish I had let her fly

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