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Michelle Obama On Donald Trump: A Slam That We Need To Hear

Michelle Obama has spoken up on Donald Trump in plain language what should be clear to everyone - sexual assault by anyone cannot be condoned.

Michelle Obama has spoken up on Donald Trump in plain language what should be clear to everyone – sexual assault by anyone cannot be condoned.

Republican candidate Donald Trump contesting for the Presidency of the United States has been one of the most controversial presidential candidates ever. Be it mainstream or social media, it is filled with sexist comments made by Trump over the years. And despite contesting for the most coveted position of the Head of the US, he still holds by his stand and his views.

Finally, on the eve of the elections, the 2005 video tapes show him at a new low. As much as has been written about him, until recently there was no one in a position of importance who has put it in plain words how terrifying it is that someone with such views could head the state – until Michelle Obama spoke.

Having followed her very closely at all her speeches where she has strongly rooted for Hilary Clinton, it was apt that denouncing Donald Trump had to come from her. Until now, Michelle Obama had spoken for Clinton but never referred to the acts or comments of Donald Trump directly.

However, for the first time, speaking at a rally for Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire, she speaks openly about how his recent video is not just locker room banter but a very powerful person speaking on women – and it scares her. It is language so obscene that we would not want our children to hear it.

Michelle Obama compares him to that one person in office who stands a little too close or stares a little too long. And as women, we know how that feels. How unsafe we feel in our own bodies.

Very clearly, she puts across that this is not about any party and this is not political. This is just disgraceful.

Here entire speech can be viewed here.

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Someone with such drastic and degrading views on a section of the population is definitely not fit to head a country. Michelle Obama has spoken her heart out as she always has and that is what makes her so popular and effective.

However the US needs a lot more people than just a Michelle Obama to decide the fate of the country.

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