An open letter, from a child to their Mom

This is an open letter from a child to their Mom; when they are at cross-roads in their life.

Dear Mom,
I love you.
There is so much you have done for me, that it sometimes feels unfathomable.
The countless nights you have been up looking after me or praying for me.
The unlimited meals that you have put together for me.
The multitude of tears that have been shed, either in happiness or in worry.
When you kept me at the centre of your universes, you also became a prime component of my life.
Amidst the enormity of our alliance, a fact that may have got lost is that, I am not your shadow.
I have a path to follow. And that path will be paved with your guidance and blessings, but may not be paved by you.
It might be a path you may have never envisioned.
At that juncture, Mom, I hope I have you by my side.
The day we realize that we might look the same, match in our DNA, but differ in our views; the day I look up at you with expectations of acceptance, I hope to see approval in your eyes.
There might be a day, Mom, when some other kith and kin of yours, feel more of you, than I do.
That day, I hope I still find you by my side.
Even when we stand poles apart, Mom, hope we are still standing together.
You child, forever.


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