Why I Won’t Dismiss Gehraiyaan As ‘Just A Film About Rich People And Their Infidelity’

Gehraiyaan, I think, is about a woman who is independent enough to live a life without playing victim, following what her heart wants.

I have seen a lot of negative reviews doing rounds on the movie Gehraiyaan and I felt I should also give my two cents about it.

What the movie seems to be to a lot of people, it is not to me.

It is not a movie just about beautiful locales or about good looking actors in branded clothes.

It is not a movie where infidelity gets hidden behind childhood trauma.

Yes the movie does have good looking actors in beautiful clothes in amazing locales but that is not what it is just about.

It is about a woman who is independent enough to run the household without playing victim because she’s not a victim. She is trying to make a life with her unemployed writer boyfriend and has no qualms about it.

It is about a woman who has gone through childhood trauma but has worked her way well through yoga maybe or just a plain positive attitude.

It is about a woman who does fall in love with her cousins fiancé but is neither defensive nor submissive about it.

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Love happens and that’s what is shown here.

The movie is also about a man; an ambitious man who falls in love with his fiancé’s cousin. Not because he is unhappy in his existing relationship but well just because love happens. He too is neither defensive nor submissive about it.

He tries to work his way through his ambition and his love, and well, Fate doesn’t treat him well. But that is just hard luck.

The movie is also about a cousin duo who portray a very real relationship to me. Without any drama without any emotional upheaval: a genuine relationship.

Gehraiyaan Is a Bollywood movie without too much of the Bollywood masala except well beautiful people and beautiful locales.

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