Virtual Girlfriends At Tokyo Games Show: Insulting Women Or An Outlet For The Desperate?

At the Tokyo game show 2016 visitors experimented with Virtual reality mannequins. Will this new technology be a step towards a safer world for women?

At the recent Tokyo game show 2016, visitors experimented with virtual reality mannequins. Will this new technology be a step towards a safer environment for women?

While I was reading a heartening love story of a couple madly in love who work through their relationship challenges with love, respect and equal partnership, a news article popped up in a whatsApp message, which said, ‘gamers fondle mannequins’ ! The sweetness of love got over, ridden with disgust and I went on to read the article.

Tokyo games show 2016, haven for gaming enthusiasts, had a display of a virtual reality software where, visitors were seen putting on some virtual reality goggles and a programme called E-mote which converted 2D illustration into 3D animation to allow players to interact with characters in the game. The character here being a female mannequin! Some pictures from the event showed men fondling breasts! Boneheaded objectification to a new level, it definitely is!

Although my first reaction on reading this was a combination of anger and disgust; the lasting taste was a combination of pity and relief. Pity for a section of the population which is so caged by its urges that it finds the need of virtual reality to satisfy it. Visitors who tried this, were excited at the prospect of being able to fall / be in love with a virtual girl. That is all love is, is it? If so, it is definitely a pitiful situation.

However, if we are looking at a future of VR mannequins, we are also looking at a likelihood of safer roads. If virtual reality eases the struggle of real women, I would definitely be an advocate for it.

And is something like this once again an insult to women? Maybe not if it comes to our rescue. It is probably just a good choice for those who feel the need for it and perhaps a blessing in disguise for all the women who desire to feel safer?

Do share your views on this phenomenon.

Image Source: Pixabay

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