12 Practical Tips To A Happier Life – With Love, From Happiness!

Life doesn't always go the way we want, but being positive and following these easy tips for a happier life can set you on the path to happiness!

Life doesn’t always go the way we want, but being positive and following these easy tips for a happier life can set you on the path to happiness!

Life is a winding path, and you won’t find happiness smiling at you at every turn. No matter how hard we try to be positive in our life, we can always feel negativity hovering around.

A troubled mind doesn’t find anything charming. But, it doesn’t mean we should allow this negativity to overpower us. You won’t give up on happiness. Will you? It’d be difficult to find happiness if you wait until it knocks at your door. Sometimes, you need to go and find those little reasons that make you smile.

Here, I am suggesting 12 interesting and effective ways to feel the vibes of happiness even when you think you will find none.

Gardening: Oh, the joy!

You create a lovely world around you and they thrive to spread bliss. It’s sheer joy to see those tiny saplings grow and bloom. It gives you a chance to stay near blooming nature. Even if you have a tiny balcony, gardening in pots can help in being positive.


A messy house can make you irritable, and make being positive difficult. So, collect useless items (you’ll find plenty) and toss them out even if you think you can use them later. Learn to organize. An organized house and cleanliness have the calming effect.

As Eleanor Brown has said, “Clutter is not just physical stuff. It is old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.”

So, de-clutter your thoughts and relationships that you think are oppressive. If they are not supporting your growth, bothering you unnecessarily, need to go away.

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The very special ‘We’ time

Bliss of togetherness is a blessing. Make some quality time for your dear ones who actually care for you. Do not hold grudges. Give your ego a break. Talk. Connect. Try to weed out any misunderstandings and bridge communication gaps.

The exclusive ‘Me’ time

You cherish those special moments with someone special. Sharing joys and woes but at some point of time, everyone needs a silent break to savour the very special and essential ‘Me’ time.

Cherish your hobbies that have been buried under the weight of responsibilities.

Go for a walk, preferably in the morning. Inhale the fragrance of nature, and think    clearly in the clear environment.

Read books. People who love reading books have the advantage of forgetting their worries for some time as they dive into the world of stories.

Go shopping, alone. Think what makes you look and feel beautiful.

Travel. This amazing experience widens the horizon of your thoughts.

Dare to dream

You think your most cherished dream has no place in your life? It should have the most special place. Is it fading gradually? It should shine. Muster some courage to chase your dream. Seeing you dreams come true is the greatest happiness. Dare to feel that ultimate happiness. You deserve it.

Have you checked your company?

Some people have that effect where you find being positive impossible. They arrive and you start getting negative vibes. Such fake or selfish or misleading or nosy people deserve to be ignored. Mere a safe distance from them gives you a room to invite happiness.

According to a significant study, people surrounded by happy and optimistic people are more likely to be happy.

Let the past go and live in the present

It fills you with regret or sadness. Life is not a word document where you could hit the undo button. Floating in the misery won’t change what has happened already. Leave the baggage of regret behind and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake. Because when you do something wrong for the first time, it’s your mistake but if you repeat your mistakes, it’s mostly your choice.

Life is not a race

Do not compare your life with others.

A smile is not the stamp of happiness. You think you have the most miserable life in this world but you never know what people are going through even if they smile in front of you.

Even if people are living a happy life, they might have worked hard to get that place. Whimpering won’t help. Being positive and acting positively would.

Time management

You may enjoy wasting your time for now but you are most likely to feel frustrated later. Time is precious and if once wasted can never be returned. Make a plan for the day. Make a list for things to do. Television and social media are the biggest culprits. Cut them down. A well worked day gives immense satisfaction.

Anger management

Anger is the biggest snatcher of your peace and happiness. Anger is a natural emotion, but learning to control your anger helps. Control your anger for this moment, and you’ll be thankful the next moment. Can you do this?

Learn to say a ‘NO’

Many of you might find it difficult to say no, I am sure of it. I strongly advocate the fact that learning to say a firm yet polite ‘No’ solves many of your problems or at least they save you from troubles.

It would give others a signal that they can’t use you for their own benefit all the time.

Health is Happiness

You can never be happy if you are not healthy. An unhealthy body and mind are enemies of peace. It drains you physically, mentally and financially.

So, take care of yourself. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Being healthy is the ultimate happiness.

Are you ready to greet the warm sunshine of happiness? Have you realized what makes you happy? Are you stubborn enough to not give up on your happiness?

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