Tarang Sinha

Tarang Sinha is a Delhi based writer, translator and painter. She's the author of We Will Meet Again. She has translated a book titled 'Don't You Quit' published by Westland Books. Her articles and stories have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, Woman’s Era and New Woman. She is an avid reader and blogs at https://tarangsinha.blogspot.com

Voice of Tarang Sinha

The Compartment: A Short Story
The Compartment: A Short Story

There was a dainty figure sitting on a bench. A girl bundled in a black shawl. And then a shadow emerged from the darkness. He stopped, as he spotted the girl. He approached her, hovered around her. 

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5 Very Diverse, Intriguing Books By Women Writers For Your 2021 Reads

5 very intriguing, diverse books are recommended to us by the author - extraordinary reads that sustained her through 2020.

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I’m Not Afraid To Say That I’m Biased Towards Women Protagonists And Authors!

I like my protagonists to be feisty women who take their destiny in their hands and stand up to whatever is thrown at them. Here are 8 of my recent reads.

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dark complexioned woman
“What’s Her Complexion?” When Will We Stop Asking This Question About A Prospective Daughter In Law?

We equate fair with beautiful, and a dark complexioned woman is considered to be not beautiful by default. When will this change?

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clutter free
How To Have A Clutter Free Mind (And Life!) In 10 Simple Steps

The chaos in our lives is a function of the clutter in our homes and relationships. Check out these 10 points for a clutter free mind and life.

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When Sita Meets Sati – Part 2 [#ShortStory In 2 Parts]

Abducted by Ravana, she is sitting by herself, when Sita meets Sati, consort to Mahadev, who visits her. What happens next? Part 2 of a short story. Read Part 1 here.

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When Sita Meets Sati – Part 1 [#ShortStory In 2 Parts]

Abducted by Ravana, she is sitting by herself, when Sita is visited by Sati, consort to Mahadev. What happens next? Part 1 of a short story.

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12 Practical Tips To A Happier Life – With Love, From Happiness!

Life doesn't always go the way we want, but being positive and following these easy tips for a happier life can set you on the path to happiness!

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Women Are Strong! Stronger Than They Think. They Don’t Need To Take Nonsense From Their Partner!

Women often find themselves living with domestic abuse - emotional and physical, because they are not confident that they can stand up for themselves. 

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4 Reasons Kavita Devgan’s Book Don’t Diet: 50 Habits Of Thin People Will Keep You Motivated [Book Review]

Kavita Devgan, in her debut book Don't Diet: 50 Habits of Thin People, says that the secret lies in staying motivated to become fit and taking it one step at a time.

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The Value Of A Life [Short Story]

What is the value of a life? A short story that illustrates this wonderfully well!

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Reading Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Five Fantastic Fiction Books I Enjoyed In 2015

I had fun trying out books from different genres than what I normally read. What would you pick up if you wanted to experiment with reading out of your comfort zone?

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Battling That Post-Pregnancy Bulge? Here Are 7 Tips That Can Really Help You Lose It

Weight loss is all about 70% exercise and 30% diet. But, people, especially new moms find it difficult to achieve this and lose the pregnancy weight they have accumulated. So what can you do?

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5 Reasons Why Your Toddler Will Not Eat. So What Do You Do?

Toddlers often have their parents in a twist over everything they do or won't do. This is even more so over the tricky issue of toddlers who will not eat at mealtimes. What can be done about it?

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