4 Reasons Kavita Devgan’s Book Don’t Diet: 50 Habits Of Thin People Will Keep You Motivated [Book Review]

Kavita Devgan, in her debut book Don't Diet: 50 Habits of Thin People, says that the secret lies in staying motivated to become fit and taking it one step at a time.

Kavita Devgan, in her debut book Don’t Diet: 50 Habits of Thin People, says that the secret lies in staying motivated to become fit and taking it one step at a time.

Cravings are natural, and they make you eat more than necessary. The author, who is a nutritionist, says, “If you can learn to ignore the urge, cravings typically last just 10 minutes.”

Weight loss is all about motivation. But the real success doesn’t lie just in getting motivated but in staying motivated. This book is a gentle reminder while being informative and enlightening.

Here are 4 reasons this book will keep you motivated:

Author’s friendly voice

The book is written in a light and assuring tone. Like a friend is suggesting something that you’d want to believe and follow. This 208 page (plus a 31 page diary for maintaining personal weight loss targets) book never turns boring and preachy. The author skilfully manages to catch the vulnerability of the person on a weight loss mission and provides practical solutions. The chapters are small with interesting titles and cute illustrations.

The book asks you to go slow

This book doesn’t force targets upon you. It assures, with some practical facts, that you should go slow and still you can achieve your goals. It asks you to exercise, of course, but suggests some easy to do work outs. There are 10 minute workout plans enclosed.

The author advocates changes in lifestyle, but plans slow changes in the form of daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. These changes won’t bother you much, as they are taken incrementally without causing any drastic difference in your routine.

This book encourages you to eat your ‘Happy Diet’

Don't Diet

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This book is against leaving out your favourite foods like most diets advocate. It tells you to eat guilt free but at the same time helps you to choose your food wisely.

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Warning comes in the form of calorie count chart that makes you realize how much you munch every now and then. The author has also included some snacking options that fall under 100 calories.

The author offers some interesting and innovative recipes that seem yum!

Yes, the book carries 50 healthy and interesting recipes. Innovative recipes. Some I haven’t heard of. Maybe, they are results of author’s experiments. Beverages, snacks, meals, and even deserts!

I think it’s a must have for those who aim for losing weight/staying thin/maintaining healthy lifestyle! Go grab it and savour! If I have to find one negative thing about this book, it would be its price (INR 300). It may go a little heavy on your pocket.

This is my first book based on health and fitness, and I’m glad I read it!

Getting your own copy?

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