Here’s How To Ensure Great Clicks To Your Display Ad

A display ad on a webpage is a great way of ensuring visibility for your brand. How do you ensure that this ad gets clicked on? 

A display ad on a webpage is a great way of ensuring visibility for your brand. How do you ensure that this ad gets clicked on? 

In today’s digital world where each brand is struggling for a share of the same pie, breaking the clutter and catching the attention of the end consumer has become a challenge. As part of a digital publishing team, I often notice that an attractive looking display ad nonetheless fails miserably or does not perform as expected in terms of clicks or conversions for the brand.

As an advertiser, one should keep the psyche of the consumers in mind, as well as their emotional triggers to buy. Going digital does not change these fundamentals of marketing.

Here are a few suggestions to work on, which will help to make your display ads more clickable.

Visual appeal

Accept it. The first impression is the look and feel of the ad. Visual appeal plays a very prominent role if it’s a simple display ad. No one wants to click on a ‘ME TOO’ ad. The ad should have some distinctive aesthetic element to it.

Strong call to action

Display ads which only talk about products or services are likely to have fewer clicks than the ads where an interest is generated for the users. By generating interest, I mean there should be some scope for consumer engagement. The ad should entice the consumer to know more with a strong Call to Action.

Appropriate headline

Proper use of words to form a headline is very important. The headline should provide immediate solution to the problem with a clear message, making it easier to click on the call to action tab.

Mobile friendly interface

As more users switch to smart phones, the marketer should ensure that the display ads have a mobile friendly interface. If this isn’t kept in mind while creating a display ad then there are high chances of losing potential customers. Strong visuals with limited text work better on mobile than reams of text. Simply converting your print ad doesn’t work.

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Target customers

Sometimes, when everything is apt, the only factor why an ad doesn’t get clicks is because of the inappropriate target group selected. A thorough study of the likes, interest demographics, etc. should be undertaken before putting out a display ad. Selecting a relevant platform is equally important for the success and ensures higher clicks, rather than going to a platform on aggregate numbers alone.

Rich ads or light animation

Animated ads often out-perform static banner ads, but ensure that they don’t distract from its ad’s message.

Readable text

A display ad should have readable text, with appropriate font size and color. The text color should be wisely chosen keeping in mind the background. The standard size for a successful ad according to AdSense is:

336 x 280 large rectangle

300 x 250 medium rectangle

728 x 90 leaderboard

160 x 600 wide skyscraper.

Similarly the color code should be chosen appropriately. If the ad visually resembles into the sites that it will be featured on, it’s more likely to earn viewers’ trust. However, it should not blend in too much – the ad still needs to be visible and clickable.

Placement of the call to action button

Many times it’s seen that though the ad is good, consumers are not able to navigate to the next step as the call to action button is either  too small or the placement is not right. Though this is a minor point to keep in mind, it goes a long way to getting good clicks.

Add an emotional angle

Consumers are ultimately humans, and humans do respond to emotions. Infusing the ad with a pinch of emotions by adding appropriate image or text will ensure higher clicks.

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