What actions should HR and business leaders take to curb mental harassment at work? Share your thoughts.

Prerana Nigudkar

I am a simple person always in search of new things to write about. Complex human emotions and the study of various behaviors interests me. I am a non religious person, but believes in one power which is superior than self. This is also a belief, due to limitation of my mind:). After working in corporate field post my MBA, I took a sabbatical for motherhood. Still thinking whether to go back to the rat race or explore life further :).

Voice of Prerana Nigudkar

Here’s How To Ensure Great Clicks To Your Display Ad

A display ad on a webpage is a great way of ensuring visibility for your brand. How do you ensure that this ad gets clicked on? 

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Starting Your Own Business? Here Are 6 Tips To Do It Right

Having a great idea is not enough. The ability to market it and making it reach the audience is the key. Here are some tips for small business owners.

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Are Marriage And Children Necessary For Happiness In Today’s World?

The world has come a long way from the days when every woman necessarily had to get married and have children for a stable life. Today, it is a matter of choice, a matter of priorities.

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The Final Realization [Short Story]

Sometimes, we need years to have the realization in a relationship that what we got is far better than what we left behind.This is what Priya realized.

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Moving Houses And Fading Faces

A mother recounts the day her daughter's best friend, moves house for a new city, which brings in memories of her past. A simple heart melting story.

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Real People In A Virtual World [Short-Story]

When Meena's 5-year-old grandson comes to stay for a weekend, she suddenly realizes that something more connects them. And she confronts herself for the first time.

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