This Dad Is A Completely Hands On Parent, And Is Wonderful With Our Son!

Dad is as much a parent as Mom is. How many of you know a Dad who who is a hands on parent, though? This Dad is.

Dad is as much a parent as Mom is. How many of you know a Dad who who is a hands on parent, though? This Dad is.

Most of us talk big about shared parenting responsibilities! But how many of us mothers/wives are actually sure that the daddies/husbands of the house are partaking their parenting responsibilities equally and with seriousness?

Well, I can swear in the name of God that my husband is an equal party to all parenting obligations that revolve around our two beautiful kids!

I am truly blessed to have a man as my husband and the father to my kids who never shies away from his responsibilities wherein our kids are involved. Despite his hectic and time strapped schedule, he ensures that the kids get a pie of his time too. It’s a sweet deal for me especially because we live in a chauvinistic world but here I am relishing the fruits of shared parenting responsibilities. I can’t thank him enough for making my life this smooth.

I may not have said this to him but yes my husband is a perfect mommie to my kids! He loves them unconditionally and cares about them in my absence as much as in my presence. He is gentle in his parenting approach and showers the young ones with unflinching love and care. He is protective and nurtures them just the way a mother does!

These days my MIL and my daughter are in Bangalore and we are home with our son and FIL, who unfortunately can’t handle kids the way they should be handled. As working parents, the ball is back in our courts about having to deal with our kid in her absence and his presence! Thus, we’ve mutually decided to take care of him by sharing our responsibilities in a way that it doesn’t upset out routines and careers.

On his part, he has broken the stereotypes attached with a man/daddy/husband as far as childcare is concerned and I salute his dedication, a million times over! He arrives home late at night from work (usually at 2 am) yet wakes up at about 6 am to dress up our son for school. He hides his tiredness behind that grin to make sure that Lalla is ready to board his school van at sharp 7:20 am. All this for me to enjoy the luxury of time so that I can, in the meanwhile, prepare his breakfast and lunch in peace, without having to juggle the kitchen and bathroom incessantly. On my part, I am emphatic towards him but can do little other than feeling grateful for all the help that he renders uncompromisingly day after day!

These days he is working from home so that he can spend maximum time with Lalla and make him feel wanted and loved, and correct his behavior. Not that his office is any less important than mine but I am not privileged enough in my work to enjoy this blissful luxury – of working from home. There is a dire need to fix Lalla’s behavior towards food as he is a finicky eater and my husband has taken the onus upon him to rectify his stern/rigid food habits. I admit that he is much more patient in dealing with kids than me, and follows a mind blowing approach to get work done. Perhaps being a people’s manager does come to your rescue at home in a big way!

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No it doesn’t end there, in between his work commitment he squeezes enough time throughout the day to feed him, put him off to sleep, look after his toilet needs, makes him do his homework, play with him, talk to him and at times pick & drop him from school! This and more without ever cribbing!

As surprising as it may sound, it fills my heart with immense pride and joy to say that yes, this daddy is indeed a perfect mommie!

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