What’s All The Fuss About The Bra Strap Showing? Are Men Shamed For Walking Around In Their Vests?

Bra shaming. The fuss that is made if the innocent strap of a piece of ordinary clothing can be seen. Why doesn't society mind its own business?

Bra shaming. The fuss that is made if the innocent strap of a piece of ordinary clothing can be seen. Why doesn’t society mind its own business?

Hello ladies! Have you ever wondered what havoc this tiny piece of lingerie can wreck upon you? Well, I believe the lucky ones amongst us don’t care the least. But ask a woman who has been a recipient of Bra Shaming at some point in her life and she would tell you what it means!

Yes, the lingerie that we so respectfully address as the BRA has been used time and again to shame women by their own fraternity and needless to say, men too! No matter how forward minded and progressive you may claim to be, but that tiny strap, which mistakenly shows up at the wrong time and place is enough to infuriate you beyond limits.

Look at the level of hypocrisy of the society that we live in! Even if you are oblivious to your state, you are bound to feel meshed amid popping eyes, glaring at you to remind you of that grave mistake. And no it doesn’t end there! One of the generous ladies will walk up to you and try to fix your crime and leave you with a piece of unwarranted advice that’s more threatening than anything else – “Next time be more careful!”

Male gaze

Society is kind enough to brand you with a whole lot of expletives, all thanks to your bra! The irony of the matter is the male inhabitants of the same society feel ‘tickled’ when they happen to steal a few glances at the perfect-round shape, which your bra successfully gives to your assets beneath your clothes, but feel ‘outraged’ if the harmless strap shows up unannounced!

Oh! It fills their hearts and eyes with shame when that tiny strap pops out of its den without any prior warnings. They feel distraught and embarrassed because the woman in question is beyond shameful for displaying her inner clothing without any qualms. But the same breed of people don’t feel ashamed and regretful for treating the women of their lives with disdain or for thoroughly enjoying X rated stuff!

The point is, why should a tiny strap bother a whole society, so vehemently? I wonder why is it so difficult for the society to accept bra as a normal piece of clothing?

What about what men flaunt?

Why are there two different sets of rules for women and men? Going by the bra shaming that a bra strap elicits, the men too should be careful about what they display. If a bra is a qualified undergarment then the sandos (banians, vests), which men flaunt unapologetically too, should bring shame on them for displaying their inner garments. Isn’t it? But no, you will never ever hear the society talking about the fact that men too need to learn social etiquette. Their collective aim instead is to find ways and means for bra shaming women, pricking their conscience, and make them believe that yes, this is indeed a chauvinistic society. To hell with you!

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Many women have been humiliated beyond limits for no faults of theirs, but it’s time we stand up for our rights and claim our dignity back. It’s time to put an end to Bra Shaming! Next time if you encounter any such situation don’t forget to ask them if they are OK with the pleasant sight of sandos around them? Simple way to give back what you’ve been getting all along!

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