In Their Journey From Army Wives To Army Officers, These Widows Of Martyrs Are An Inspiration

A few army wives are choosing to join the forces themselves instead of sinking into a morass of self-pity after their husbands have been martyred.

A few army wives are choosing to join the forces themselves instead of sinking into a morass of self-pity after their husbands have been martyred.

Death and separation are painful and separation by death is even worse! No words can ever describe pain of separation inflicted  by death.

Being an army wife is a matter of pride for the woman who has her husband guarding the frontiers so that the likes of you and me can live our lives in peace. I salute all these woman whose life partners are away guarding the borders.

The courage to brave long separations are simply unimaginable for an ordinary wife. At least, I feel an uncanny chill and goosebumps all over my body, thinking how hard it must be to live away from, and without their men, especially when the lives of their husbands are shadowed by clouds of unpredictability!

It is sad when a nation loses its brave son, who lays down his life with pride and honor to protect his Motherland! Alas, commoners like us sitting in the comforts of our homes shed a few tears to mourn their loss. But it is their families that have to brave the bitter truth and face the brunt of unwarranted circumstances. A wife who loses her soul-mate, her companion, the father to her children, the head of the family and the sole bread earner alone knows the thorny struggles that await her.

While these Veer Naris, a title given to the widows of the brave martyrs, find their lives completely out of gear, a few have shown courage beyond our expectations. Instead of wailing over their irreparable loss, they have walked out of the cocoon to enroll in the Indian Army as a tribute to their husbands.

These women have shown exemplary faith, devotion and dedication by shedding their inhibitions and walking from the green to the wilds with their determination to live the dreams of their husbands. Even a million salutations would be less for their bold decision to join the army as a mark of respect for their husbands and duty towards this nation.

The two women who do us enormously proud are Lt. Ruchi Verma and Swati Mahadik.

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Lt. Ruchi Verma W/O Late Col. Vineet Verma

Ruchi Verma was a happy army wife leading a comfortable life until one fine day her world came crashing down. Her husband Late Col. Vineet Verma sacrificed his life in a counter insurgency operation in Assam. Instead of feeling dependent and pitiful, this young mother of a five year old son chose the army uniform to continue the noble service, which Col. Verma executed with passion and duty.

Today, she is a proud Army Officer and it gives me immense pleasure to mention that she has been commissioned in the army along with 184 other cadets at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

The 24 year old officer Verma sure is an ocean of inspiration for women who make themselves believe that death of their spouse is the end of the world. While this brave daughter of India gears up for a tough life ahead, her young son is being looked after by her mother. I bow in Respect!

Swati Mahadik W/O Late Col. Santosh Yashwant Mahadik

After her brave husband laid down his life fighting terrorists in the jungles of Kupwara in November 2015, 32 year old Swati, a mother of two, chose the olive green uniform over wailing, whining and worrying about her children and their future. Instead this brave woman shun her fears, sent her children to boarding schools and started preparing for the gruelling SSB Exams.

It fills my heart with extraordinary pride to state that she has cleared all five round and is ready for her new role as an Army Officer in the making. Bravo to her unflinching spirit. Her husband truly left behind a legacy of service-to-the-nation in worthy hands and she being his spirited wife is set to carry it forward with aplomb!

Thank you for your patience and valuable time. Appreciate your feedback and comments!

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Image source: The Times of India and The Hindu


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