Oh My God You Are Not A Virgin!

Woman need to stop judging their own kind based on the status of a mere membrane. Virginity shouldn't be an issue anymore, not in these times!

Woman need to stop judging their own kind based on the status of a mere membrane. Virginity shouldn’t be an issue anymore, not in these times!

Everybody in the canteen looked at me as if I was the culprit they noticed last night in news who has fled after doing a murder. I gave a crooked look towards the audience noticing me and shrugged my shoulders asking, “Why, what happened? Have I done a crime?”

Naps who had been occupying a seat at the table next to ours approached me whispering, “Darling they are staring because of the answer you gave to the question that Manish asked you just now.”

I asked, “What question?”

Naps replied, “Whether you are virgin or not?”

“Yes, so? What was my answer?” I enquired.

Naps replied, “No, I am not a virgin.”

Looking at my face, Manish realized that a storm coming and said, “It’s O.K. so what?”

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But I was determined to stick to my point and wanted to hear from Naps her point of view.

Relaxing myself on the chair I remarked, “So you are not a virgin too!” and swayed my hand towards Manish asking him to stay quiet.

Naps, started stammering in shock, “No, no, no, no, no, I didn’t mean that. I was just prompting your answer.”

“But you said you are not a virgin right?” I teased her.

“That were your lines not mine. I am not in these shitty discussions”, exclaimed Naps.

“Ohoho what you mean is that you are a virgin, right?” was my question back to her.

“Yes, of-course I am!”, was her quick answer.

I smiled and asked leaning over the table, “Naps, ahh… did you get yourself medically checked and confirmed your virginity?”

Naps shrugged her shoulders and replied, “No.”

Rapid fire again, “Then how do you know that you are a damn virgin?”

Naps answered hesitatingly, “Because, because I, mmmm…”

I signed her to stop with my hand and continued, “Ahh might be because you didn’t sleep with some one right?”

Her face turned red and even in the mid-December chill sweat droplets appeared on her forehead. She nodded in agreement.

There was now a pin-drop silence in the canteen and everyone was listening curiously at the conversation between us.

I took a deep breath and asked Naps, “Do you know how to ride a bicycle?”

Almost surprised by this change of direction, Naps answered, “Yes.”

I continued, “Have you ever slipped from your bicycle?”

Naps nodded and answered, “Several times.”

I stood up from my seat and rubbed my hands together. To control my growing anger I started walking around slowly. I asked Naps, “What does ‘loss of virginity’ really mean to you?”

Naps stared at me. As a fellow medical student, she knew that breaking of hymen- ‘the thin film membrane situated just inside the vulva’, is termed as loss of virginity. But, her moralistic self was determined to disregard the scientific definition. For her, being in physical relationship for the very first time in life meant ‘loss of virginity’.

Naps stammered, “I mean, I mean, I know what loss of virginity means in science but…”

“But, what?” I asked.

I heard some giggles behind me which made me angrier because this was a sensitive issue being talked about. I slammed my fist on the table and turned around almost screaming, “Is there anything to giggle about? Is the presence or absence of this thin membrane to determine my dignity in this society – whether I am being a good or bad girl? If we from this scientific field have this mentality then what can we blame the rest of society for? Unless we change ourselves we cannot think of bringing change in the society.”

Silence prevailed. I was hurt that we still have this mentality about being a virgin. I was even more hurt that I was being judged by the women there more than the men.

Salty droplets made their way out of my eyes. Then, I heard a clap and raised my head. I saw Naps clapping as she walked towards me.

Naps sat down in front of me and keeping her hands over my knee tried to soothe me saying, “I am sorry Joyee. It is my mistake. Our petty mentality has turned this society into a brothel where ladies are decided upon their virginity. And why is this question not asked of the men? Yes, you are absolutely right – that we need to at first change our own outlook, only then we can change the outlook of the society. Life is all about accepting changes.”

I could feel her hands shivering with emotions. I touched her shoulders and supported her to stand beside me and embraced her hard. She broke down and started weeping in repentance.

Suddenly, the whole canteen began to clap and Sandy entered the scene shouting, “Group Hug time!”  Our friends Manish and Dipon too joined in.

Image source: two women gossiping by Shutterstock.


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