Dr. Joyeeta Talukdar

Cancer Stem Cell Researcher, loves to write about various experiences experienced in life.

Voice of Dr. Joyeeta Talukdar

It’s Better To Let People Walk Away From You Than Walk All Over You

The most important lesson I learned is the significance of inner strength. I've learned to reassess and reconsider things without causing harm to myself.

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My Re-birth – How I Survived An Accident That Changed My Life Forever

Durga Pujo, is also a time to celebrate the Goddess within you. The author was faced with the toughest challenge in her life last Pujo and this is her story of her rebirth

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When I Was Told My Child Has ADHD

It is not the end of the road if your child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here is a mom's story of dealing with the situation, with patience and positivity.

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Despite His Autism, My Son Mayur Has Become A Talented Photographer I’m So Proud Of

A mother's account of how they had not realised that their son Mayur had autism and he had suffered as a consequence, but how they did everything they could for his better life once they knew.

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Panna Bharali
Palliative Care: Meet Panna Bharali, A Cancer Survivor, Helping Others Like Herself

Panna Bharali, whom the author calls Pappu Baa, is a breast cancer survivor, working with a palliative care initiative to help others like herself.

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When My Mother Gave Me My First Lesson On Menarche

Menarche or the beginning of periods during puberty can be confusing time for a girl. This is how my mother explained it to me in simple terms.

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Perseverance. The Biggest Lesson I Learnt From My Mom’s ‘Boring’ Work

Perseverance in routine, 'boring', everyday work is the main building block of great things. A lesson I learnt from my mother.

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No, You Do Not Become Impure During Periods. A Lesson From My Mother

A woman does not become impure during periods. A lesson learnt by the author's mother in her childhood, and shared with her daughter.

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How I Learnt To Rise And Shine Beyond Skin Colour

How important is skin colour, really? This engaging story tells you how colour is only skin deep, and it is the beauty within that is the most important.

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Oh My God You Are Not A Virgin!

Woman need to stop judging their own kind based on the status of a mere membrane. Virginity shouldn't be an issue anymore, not in these times!

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Samralu – The Experience Of A Festival Celebrating Daughters In A Seemandhra Village

Joyeeta Talukdar speaks about a moving experience at Samralu, an interesting thanks-giving festival celebrating daughters and mothers, in a village of Seemandhra.

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You Are Special: What My Baba Taught Me One Durga Puja

Having your periods on a festival day is considered a horrible fate in many orthodox families. One young girl learns from her dad that it is okay to question rituals that don't make sense.

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Honesty Persists: An Unusual Incident That Changed My Life In College

A true life narrative packed with delightful anecdotes from college and hostel life in India, 'Honesty Persists' is the story of an important life lesson from an uneducated catering boy.

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This Is What I learnt On My 23rd Birthday

A young woman describes her rendezvous with the realities of life and accepts that there are truths to life, we all have to live with.

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