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Posted: July 7, 2013

The struggles of Indian women documented in our ‘Pick of the Week’ this week:

Women's Web Pick Of The Week“Most women politicians have found it difficult to rise within party hierarchies, and have managed to achieve clear leadership only when they have effectively broken out and set up parties on their own.”  – sexism in the political field.

– Sriti Yadav delves deep into the factors that propagate female foeticide.

– An interview with Nyna Caputi, the director of the documentary film ‘Petals in the Dust’ which deals with the issue of female gendercide in India.

– “That sharp juxtaposition between the optimistic image and the ominous caption in this particular photograph attempts to mirror the contrast between the modern Indian woman’s expectations and the realities of social paradigm.” – The trials and tribulations of Indian women captured in a frame.

– The Unknown Indian dwells on how women get entangled in the politics of “mixed” marriages.

–  Shoba Narayan writes about why the highly educated Indian woman stops working after starting a family and the concept of haldi-kumkum feminism.

– The Gulabi Gang and the violent fight for women’s empowerment.

Shruti Kamat is a psychology student who reads a lot, writes a bit, wants to

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