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Urvashi Butalia
“What Do Women Write?” How Feminist Publisher Urvashi Butalia Answered This Question

Urvashi Butalia, the founder of Kali and Zubaan Books is a feminist writer and publisher who is very clear what 'feminism' means in the Indian context.

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Is It Possible To Love J.K. Rowling Even More? 14 Searing Tweets We Fangirl Over!

J.K. Rowling rips apart sexist insults aimed at Theresa May by the so-called 'liberal' men. Because that's what strong women do.

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Mansplaining – Because Women Don’t Understand Anything, Right?! #WomenOnTheMove

Actually chaps, sorry to pop the bubble but women do know things, sometimes better than you! Yet, if mansplaining keeps you happy, go on!

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The Fault Lies With Our Mothers
expected to do it all

Do you find yourself expected to do it all? The fault lies with our mothers, as they fall short of a role model for today's working woman.

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Have You Thought About What Your Handshake Conveys About You?
your handshake

Have you thought about your handshake? It is much more than just a greeting. It is a powerful form of non verbal communication.

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21 Noteworthy Debut Books By Indian Women Authors Published Recently That Are A Must Read
debut books

Indian women authors have been making their mark on the book scene - here are some noteworthy debut books by 21 such new authors in recent times.

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