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Everything On Hold, “Kyonki ‘Maid’ Aane Wali Hain!”

The importance of a maid - a domestic help - in women's lives cannot be discounted. These women take care of our drudgery, and free up time for us.

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Yes, I Am A Sex Call Operator – Do You Know What I Really Do?
sex call operator

This true story of a sex call operator is far from what is generally believed about them. Are our films and a culture of patriarchal entitlement responsible for that?

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Not On My Watch! [#ShortStory]
not on my watch

Dear, you haven’t learnt the game yet. Those promises are to win the election, we aren’t obliged to uphold them once we’ve won. This learning comes from experience, you’ll get there soon, am sure.

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What Do Sex Workers In India Want For Themselves? Let Us Explode Some Myths
sex workers in India

There is such a thing as voluntary sex workers in India - it is not always about trafficking, and what they want for themselves will surprise you!

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Let Us Get Rid Of This Menace Called Multitasking And Live Happier And More Productive Lives

Multitasking is the scourge of our lives today as women, and it is expected that we do many things well and efficiently. Is this really what we want?

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Thanks Ma For Teaching Me A Life Skill That Was Invaluable For Becoming An Award Winning Food Blogger!
food blogger

A life skill learnt in childhood - cooking - helped her to become an award winning food blogger when she quit work after her baby was born.

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