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When Sita, Draupadi, And 3 Other Women From The Epics Tell Their Own Stories

Our epics are undoubtedly written from the POV of the great men in it, and are stories told by the victors. What if the women in there tell these stories instead?

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And Kannaki Collapsed To The Ground As She Watched Kovalan Killed
The Prince

The Widowing of Kannaki is from Samhita Arni's new book The Prince, a retelling based on 'Silappadikaram', one of the five greatest epics ever written in Tamil Nadu. Republished here with permission from the publishers, Juggernaut.

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The Monk Who Bought Back His Soul

They say you remember your first kill, that you cannot forget the sight of your own face reflected in the eyes of your prey.

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Sita Writes A Poem For Valentine’s Day…

What if Sita described her own love story to us? Would it just be the story of her love for Ram, or would it surprise you? Would it be the story of everywoman? 

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Anuja Chandramouli’s Ganga Is So Much More Than Just A River Or A Minor Goddess!
Ganga book review

Ganga: The Constant Goddess blends mythology with contemporary sensibilities to create a protagonist that feels very real to the reader.

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‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Syndrome Has Destroyed Many Lives Since The Time Of Ramayana!

'Log kya kahenge' is an illness Indian society has. So much that is wrong with it is because of this fear of what people will say, since ancient times, even found in our epics.

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