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Why Do We Hesitate To Name Our Daughters Draupadi?

I, too, wanted to name my daughter Yagyasaini after Draupadi but the opposition I faced was too strong, and I had to settle down for a name meaning Agni which, however, was met with equally strong opposition by my MIL.

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Queen Draupadi, The Glory Of Indraprastha, Yet Forsaken By Fate…

Trembling before the Sabha with her head still held high while her husbands' heads hung low, she had said “I am still the daughter of King Drupada, sister of Drishtyadumna, and Sakhi of the Yadava prince Krishna”.

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Karna Was A Perpetrator Who Instigated Disrobing Of Draupadi, So Why Is He Still A ‘Noble Person’?

A perpetrator's crimes are "forgiven" because he is a top performer, because he comes from a well-respected family, because no complaint has ever been made against him.

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I’m Only Here For My Son, Not As Your Wife Shakuntala!

Dushyanta clearly remembered everything. But he didn't have any intention to accept a poor woman from a remote hermitage as his wife and her son as theirs.

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Since Draupadi, Men Through History Have Put Women On Sale… Which Continues Even Today!

"To create loving men, we must love males…" - bell hooks. Nope. If men want a better world, they need to do better for themselves and each other and their sons and the world at large. It is not the responsibility of women.

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Why Didn’t You Speak Up For Us Women, Sita?!

As a child, I asked, why didn't Rama stand by his wife when there were aspersions cast on her by his people? Why didn't Sita's father, King Janak take his daughter back home? Why didn't Sita protest about this injustice?

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