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Sita Writes A Poem For Valentine’s Day…

What if Sita described her own love story to us? Would it just be the story of her love for Ram, or would it surprise you? Would it be the story of everywoman? 

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Anuja Chandramouli’s Ganga Is So Much More Than Just A River Or A Minor Goddess!
Ganga book review

Ganga: The Constant Goddess blends mythology with contemporary sensibilities to create a protagonist that feels very real to the reader.

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‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Syndrome Has Destroyed Many Lives Since The Time Of Ramayana!

'Log kya kahenge' is an illness Indian society has. So much that is wrong with it is because of this fear of what people will say, since ancient times, even found in our epics.

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Why Do We Say Radha-Krishna Even Though They Weren’t A Married Couple?
Finding Radha: The Quest for Love

Finding Radha: The Quest for Love, an anthology edited by Malashri Lal and Namita Gokhale, is a celebration of the Radha in every woman.

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I Believe In Lord Rama And I Pray To Him. But I Now Also Want To Pray To Sita…

While we all know the stories of the Ramayana, can we look at them from a fresh perspective, a feminist one, that does not go by patriarchal stereotypes?

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Are Modern Women Reliving Draupadi’s Suffering? Shilpa Shetty’s New Radio Show Makes Us Think
Shilpa Shetty Draupadi

Shilpa Shetty presents a new radio show on the Mahabharat, speaking in the voice of Draupadi. Here's a look at how the modern woman still has the same woes.

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