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For Women’s History Month 2019, Celebrating 19 Inspiring Women Innovators Around The World!

Women around the world are finding creative solutions to problems facing the world today, and are breaking stereotypes while they do it.

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Hong Kong’s Bonnie Chiu Is Empowering Women To Tell Their Stories Through Photography
Bonnie Chiu

Through her social enterprise, Lensational, Bonnie Chiu from Hong Kong is enabling marginalized women from developing nations to tell their stories through photography

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This Innovator Designed Affordable Eye Glasses From Recycled Plastic For Uganda’s Poor
Brenda Katwesigye

Brenda Katwesigye has developed a virtual reality mobile app that can perform eye testing. Her company, Wazi Vision, also makes affordable eye glasses made of recycled plastic.

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A Lamp Lit Using 2 Tbsp Salt And A Glass Of Water? This Philippines Scientist Made It Possible
Aisa Mijeno

Aisa Mijeno invented a lamp that runs on saltwater to bring light to poor, rural communities in the Philippines that are not connected to electrical grids. It all began when Aisa Mijeno quit her corporate job to volunteer and travel with Greenpeace Philippines. As part of that she lived with people of the Butbut tribe […]

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Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola From Nigeria Helps The Lagos Poor To Generate Cash From Trash
Bilikis Adebiyi Abiola

“Waste has a value. Waste is a currency,” says Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, the founder of WeCyclers, a social enterprise that is helping people in Lagos find cash in their trash.

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Not Having A Job Is Not The End Of The Road, It Is The Beginning

Quitting or losing a job is not the end of the road. There might be better opportunities waiting for you once you decide to leave the same old terrain and follow your dreams.

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