Stop It! Don’t Tell Me How I Should Mourn My Husband!

"This is not acceptable. I am not undergoing any breaking of bangles, wiping of bindi, or draping of white saree. No, I just cannot. No means no."

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When A Bachelor Married A Widow With A Child 60 Yrs Ago, Unheard Of In Indian Society Then Or Now…

Asha contributed substantially to the family’s income. Therefore, to lose her would mean losing the proverbial goose that laid golden eggs.

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Widowhood Had Given Me Freedom, But I Was Also Looking For Closure…

Some nights I missed what we had had, back then. Most nights I didn’t. He wasn’t there but there he was. Everywhere.

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Repeat After Me: Becoming A Widow Is NOT The Woman’s Fault!

Yesterday was International Widows Day, marked on 23rd June every year. Let's look at how widowhood has been in India through the centuries, and now. 

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What Is India’s Widow Pension Scheme And How To Apply For It
widow pension scheme

Now through the Widow Pension Scheme, widowed women will have some financial autonomy at least, and not need to depend so much on others.

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Hindu Widowing Ceremony Is Downright Brutal; Yet Refuses To Die Out In Places
widowing ceremony

The Hindu widowing ceremony is one of the our women's special trauma making traditions for our those who are already in a traumatic situation.

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