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discrimination against widows
3 Myths About Widows That Make Their Life Hell Even In 2020, And Should Be Done Away With!

The widows in our society are women just like you or me. Let's understand them and not degrade them with our superstitions and discriminatory beliefs.

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It Was As If The Dark Clouds Of Ignorance In Her Life Had Lifted

She had heard stories of the forbidden land, the widows’ quarters, but little had she imagined it to be so miserable. She quietly followed her husband, why did visiting one’s own mother have to be a secret?

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This Too Is Harassment, When You Accuse A Widow Of ‘Eyeing’ Her Husband’s Property

While we understand physical abuse, we rarely comprehend that verbal abuse too can have serious consequences for women.

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Happiness, And A Mouthful Of Golgappas

She couldn’t for the life of her see the goodness around because she had shut her heart to the bright sun and enveloped herself in a dark veil of despair.

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Neena Gupta Wins Best Actress For The Last Colour, A Movie By Vikas Khanna About Widows Of Varanasi
Neena Gupta The Last Colour

Neena Gupta has won Best Actress for her work in The Last Colour, at Indian International Film Festival of Boston. The Last Colour spotlights the plight of widows in Varanasi through the friendship between a young girl and an older woman.

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National Award Winner Nathicharami Explores A Woman’s Desires In A Yet Unexplored Manner

What happens when a young widow embarks on a journey to satisfy herself? Nathicharami as a movie explores exactly that and comes out with flying colours!

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