National Award Winner Nathicharami Explores A Woman’s Desires In A Yet Unexplored Manner

What happens when a young widow embarks on a journey to satisfy herself? Nathicharami as a movie explores exactly that and comes out with flying colours!

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Are We Going To Still Let Tradition Label Women As Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

How can a woman be auspicious or inauspicious simply depending on the presence or absence of a husband? Time we put behind all such discriminatory traditions!

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You’re All The Colours, She Would Tell Her White Sari, You’re All The Colours!

“No! Mrs Adlam told us to colour-in outside the lines and make a bigger picture so that’s exactly what I'm doing. It’s pretty, right? It’s pretty.”

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Jasmine Flowers For My Mom
jasmine flowers

My mother would string some loose jasmine flowers everyday and put them on - until my father passed away. I knew she had healed, however, when I found jasmine flowers with her again.

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A Young Widow’s Grief Lies Heavy On Me, But I Have To Go On For My Son

The author lost a beloved husband in her early 30s, needing to be strong, she sometimes wears a mask, giving in to her grief when music moves her.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About India’s Inheritance Laws For Widows
inheritance laws for widows

Widows have long been discriminated against. After being deprived of social and economic standing, inheritance laws for widows have aimed to set things right, through economic emancipation.

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