Desi Clothes, Videshi Influence & the Female Couture
A Look At Our Desi Clothes, Videshi Influence & the Female Couture

Why does upholding our tradition and culture mean criticising only women's clothes? Let's us understand how history and politics, not culture, influenced clothing.

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Why The Rise Of Tradwife Culture Among Millennials & Gen Z Women Is Worrying To Feminists!

The tradwife. A seemingly innocuous but dangerous phenomenon that can be all kinds of problematic for a feminist growth of society.

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Separating A Man From Parents Is Mental Cruelty But Separating A Woman From Hers Is Tradition?!

Why is separating a daughter from her parents 'normal' and not considered mental cruelty as well? I know there can be limitless debate on this topic but isn't my point valid?

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Can We Blame Karan Johar For This Pan India Obsession With Karwa Chauth?

I get the faith part. But I haven’t figured out the celestial interdependence between my fasting and my husband’s well-being. In fact, if he fasted, it could do his stomach a world of good.

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6 Simple, Sustainable Navaratri Golu Return Gift Ideas

If a Golu return gift is a must, then why not try these thoughtful and useful items that are also eco friendly and fairly inexpensive?

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Wake Up, Young Women! Don’t Give In If You’re Told To Sacrifice Your Dreams To Be ‘Accepted’!

I am not saying you should disrespect your parents. But blindly following oppressive norms set by society and ingrained in families through generations is completely wrong.

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