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Wake Up, Young Women! Don’t Give In If You’re Told To Sacrifice Your Dreams To Be ‘Accepted’!

I am not saying you should disrespect your parents. But blindly following oppressive norms set by society and ingrained in families through generations is completely wrong.

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As A New Mom, I Decided That This Right Belonged To My Sister!

A baby's first solid food is traditionally fed to it by the mother's brother (maama). But should all hell break loose if a mother gives that right to her sister instead?

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So, The Women Of The Family Must Wait On You When You Eat, Until You Finally Wash Your Hands?

Why do men feel that it's their right? Why don't at least one man opens his mouth and say, "Let my wife eat first. She must be tired"? Why can't they open their mouths and ask their wives and daughters to eat along with them?

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The Hidden Truth Behind The ‘Protective Shield’ Of Karva Chauth

Just check the power of women. Yearly once they need to go on a hunger strike and demand to the Almighty that no harm should befall their love. And merciful Almighty gives in.

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Does Your Karva Chauth Fast Increase His Immunity That He Needs A Booster Dose Every Year?!

Karva Chauth. A 'nirjal' (without any food or water) fast to be kept by women for the long life of the husband, which women have been observing for ages, and will probably continue to follow. How fair is it?

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Illogical, Thoughtless, Outdated Wedding Rituals Like These Are… Appalling Today!
outdated wedding rituals

Daughters are NOT things to give away, nor are they in any DEBT to their parents. Time to chuck outdated wedding rituals; move with the times. 

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