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karwa chauth
Does Your Karva Chauth Fast Increase His Immunity That He Needs A Booster Dose Every Year?!

Karva Chauth. A 'nirjal' (without any food or water) fast to be kept by women for the long life of the husband, which women have been observing for ages, and will probably continue to follow. How fair is it?

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Illogical, Thoughtless, Outdated Wedding Rituals Like These Are… Appalling Today!
outdated wedding rituals

Daughters are NOT things to give away, nor are they in any DEBT to their parents. Time to chuck outdated wedding rituals; move with the times. 

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My Parents Had Ditched Kanyadaan At My Wedding Years Ago, Sending Out A Progressive Message

The kanyadaan was purposely excluded from my wedding rituals. Because even back then, my parents didn’t believe that their daughter was parayi. Not did they consider me dhan.

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Why Doesn’t Your Sister Apply Sindoor? Don’t Her In-Laws Mind?

Friends, relatives, community members,... why do people try to tell others what to do and interfere in their lives under the guise of being 'well wishers'?

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Respected Saasu Maa Ji, May I Please Go And Pee Now?

I might have dozed off when my parents were teaching me post-marriage Sanskaar stuff. Because this was the first time, I was hearing about this “Ji” business.

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She Was Only Trying To Teach Her DIL What Her Own MIL Had Taught Her, But…

Manju ji's heart melted at her antics. She always wanted a daughter like her but the stern mother-in-law in her prevented her from accepting Anisha as such.

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