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Priyanka’s Interview Exposes How Women Can Lose Jobs Due To Workplace Bullying

A change of environment, and even more importantly, being in a professional space where the same alleged bullies cannot affect her career, made Priyanka feel psychologically safe to speak her truth.

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An Introvert’s Guide To Calling Out Sexism At Work

As a society, we expect that women who speak up must be extroverted. What about the introverts who quietly do what they have to?

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5 Women Say Loud & Clear: Mard Ko Dard Hoga, Because Dear Perverts, Your Time Is Up!

Men are afraid now, as the #metoo movement heats up, indulging in a lot of whataboutery and minimising of the claims of the women who are speaking up. 5 strong women counter this in a panel at #blrlitfest.

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What Courage Is, And Why The Question “Why Didn’t She Speak Up Before?” Is Irrelevant

We are living through a movement that is slowly turning into a revolution, and women are being asked why they didn’t speak up before.  On the face of it, the #metoo movement appears to be a movement where women are turning against men – but it is not. It is the revolution of the powerless […]

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