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Sushmita Pedaprolu

Feminist. Autodidact. Introvert. Highly Sensitive Person. Optimist. Bookworm. Spiritual Seeker.

Voice of Sushmita Pedaprolu

An Introvert’s Guide To Calling Out Sexism At Work

As a society, we expect that women who speak up must be extroverted. What about the introverts who quietly do what they have to?

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It’s A Men’s Word…World Even In Everyday Language. Don’t Believe Me?

It's a male-dominated world! Don't believe me? Pay attention to the words you use and you will find a lot of MEN!

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Dear Doctor, Why Is Getting Married The Best Cure For My PCOD?

You go to the doctor, expecting her to use science to cure you. Then comes the curveball. No wonder the author is letting sarcasm carry her onwards!

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Dear Dalai Lama, Your Sexism Is Appalling!

It's high time that men, who are seeking spiritual fulfilment, stand up for women and stop treating them like second-hand creatures.

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Morgan Freeman
Why The Apology By Morgan Freeman Underlines Rape Culture And Is Not Acceptable

Morgan Freeman, one of the most respected and veteran actors of Hollywood, was recently  accused of harassment by multiple women. It took everyone by surprise and made us revisit the #metoo movement. Freeman's apology did not appear convincing and we are agitated to say the least.

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Small Privileges That Men Regularly Enjoy In A Patriarchal Family That Women Cannot

My family 'lets' the daughters have an education and work outside home, but patriarchy lurks. Men here take some privileges for granted, and that hurts.

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take care of parents
I Lost My Grandma Because Patriarchy Decreed She Could Not Stay With Her Married Daughter

Patriarchy makes it difficult for women to take care of parents. This rule can have devastating consequences and this author realized.

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Carol Dweck
How Feminism Can Benefit From Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck’s Pioneering Research

How feminism's fight against patriarchy can benefit from this ground breaking research by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck.

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How My Menstruation Ceremony Scarred Me For Life

In many parts of India, parents have a menstruation ceremony to announce a girl's fertility. But the practice is not exactly period-positive.

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Why Alia Bhatt’s Success Is important For Women In Indian Cinema

Alia Bhatt's success is often dismissed because she is part of a filmi family and seen as having it easy. Her journey, however, has implications for other female actors.

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mental health stigma
Mental Health Stigma Is A Product Of Patriarchy. How Do We Counter This?

Mental health stigma is a byproduct of the invalidation by patriarchy of the strength expected of men and sensitivity expected of women.

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Gaslighting Is A Sneaky Kind Of Domestic Violence, As English Vinglish Shows Us

Gaslighting is a kind of domestic violence, and how it affects a woman is well portrayed in the Bollywood movie, English Vinglish.

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