Indian Society’s Treatment Of The Elderly Requires More Compassion And Inclusivity

Old age still has a lot to contribute and receive. Our perceptions towards the elderly need to change as a society.

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Why We Should Teach Our Kids That We, Their Parents, Need Them In Our Lives

Most urban couples today say that they will never live with their children in their old age. But do we think of the fact that affordable elder care in India is abysmal, even almost non-existent?

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When I Came To Know Of That Homeless Woman’s Story, I Wished I Could Have Done More…

But I could not get the image of the blue diary, and the beggar’s wrinkled face and painful eyes out of my mind. Her eyes spoke so much about her life...

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The League Of Ordinary Women

"People forget that older women are full persons who have their own hopes, wants and desires. You keep telling us that what we are doing is extraordinary, but to us this is routine. We don’t know how else to be.”

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Why Your Ageing Parents’ Emotional Health Really Matters For Their Well-Being

At an age when we mostly worry about their physical health, we might be overlooking our ageing parents' emotional health that is crucial for their well-being. 

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Old Age Is Tough, But Even Tougher For Older Women In India

A recent article in a leading newspaper  revealed that older women in India face more discrimination. They do not even raise their voice against it. Here's why.

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