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A passionate writer, who loves to pen down her thoughts/stories and enjoys as the rhythm of her words dance in sync with the readers.

Voice of Amrita Kolay

Can Anyone Become A Leader?

The desire to achieve something great and the ability to remain calm and never lose hope over a long period of time is a career maker.

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Aishani – The Fighter. But Would They Let Her Be A Fighter?

The rules for the daughter-in-law dated back to the 18th century. They were mere emotionless objects who had to ensure that the in-laws were well-fed and content. 

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Bala Tries To Deliver A Message Of Self-Acceptance, But Does It Need To Be So Preachy?

In its effort to portray 'issues', Ayushmann Khurana - Bhumi Pednekar starrer Bala ends up being all "Gyaan", says this reviewer. 

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When I Had A Very Unique Personal Fan Moment With MS Dhoni As A Clueless Schoolgirl!

Had I recognized him I could have at least stopped his bike and taken his autograph, which by now almost everybody had in my colony and school.

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“Keeping My Daughter With Me Is A Headache…” A True Life Story That I Had No Answer To

“If you educate your daughter, she can ensure your protection too.” “I will educate my daughter, who will educate the men – You?” she asked angrily.

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From The Dementors Of Delhi To The Cocoon Of The Mountains – I Happily Left My Soul Behind

Summers, an unbearable work load and a lot of stress! At such times, one can only dream of going to the hills just like the writer did! A trip to the hills cures it all!

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My Dad…My First Love

If I know what Love is, it’s because of Him, he is not the only guy in the universe, but he's the only one that matters the most to me.

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When I Came To Know Of That Homeless Woman’s Story, I Wished I Could Have Done More…

But I could not get the image of the blue diary, and the beggar’s wrinkled face and painful eyes out of my mind. Her eyes spoke so much about her life...

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