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Smart And Methodical Steps For Turning Your Passion Into A Career

You need to find some joy to do your job in a passionate order, some people do not realize the joy in what they are doing.

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Every Week, My MIL Plays A Very Twisted Game Highlighting All My Mistakes To My Family!

After my marriage, my MIL seemed to think I would be reincarnated into her ideal bahu. Since that didn't happen, this is what she does now!

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Respected Saasu Maa Ji, May I Please Go And Pee Now?

I might have dozed off when my parents were teaching me post-marriage Sanskaar stuff. Because this was the first time, I was hearing about this “Ji” business.

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Ask A Resume Writer These 5 Questions If You Plan To Hire One For Your Job Search

A resume writer can help your job application stand out to HR recruiters; here's how to find one who truly knows their work.

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It Was As If Marriage Changed Me From Dad’s Princess To The In-Laws’ Personal Maid

Tiny things like having a son/ daughter/ wife of option in offical forms is moulding mindsets to consider a man the most important.

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job search using Boolean method
Don’t Lose Hope; Make It Easier On Yourself By Doing A Job Search Using Boolean Method

Worried because you've lost your job in the pandemic and it's a pain searching online? Do your job search using Boolean method - it'll help!

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Let The Courts Decide Rhea Chakraborty’s Guilt. How About We Look At Our Sexism?

While the media claim that they show what viewers like, can they disclaim their impact on mindsets with such sexist content?

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To The Society, My Relatives And In-Laws, Why Can’t You Let Me Live In Peace And With My Choices?

Right from my childhood, people have always said nasty things about me - from my looks to my career to my wedding too! Was my only fault that I am a woman?

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Banker’s One Foot At Work, The Other At Grave

It is not an easy job to put one’s life at risk and work effortlessly during a Pandemic. I personally believe that all bankers should get a loud applaud from the society.

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What The Fishuuuu!?

The little girl stood still, her mother pushed her from behind, she came a few steps forward and stopped. She stared at the Laddus and other sweets for a brief moment, gulp down her hunger and asked again “Will you leave the fishies alone?”

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Even In 2020, All A Woman Is Expected To Do Is Cook And Take Care Of Her Family!

She asked me what I'd cooked for my husband. That's when I remembered how my mother would answer these questions and my eyes brimmed with tears. 

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How To Deal With A Writer’s Block And 4 Other Tips To Be The Content Writer You Want To Be!

Writing may seem like the easiest task, but it isn't. It is a lot of hard work and thinking. For all the aspiring writers, here are 5 tips from a successful content writer.

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#HyderabadRape – Justice Served or Snatched?

Two sides of a coin tell us different tales, one should never conclude anything simply by knowing only about one side.

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Can Anyone Become A Leader?

The desire to achieve something great and the ability to remain calm and never lose hope over a long period of time is a career maker.

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Aishani – The Fighter. But Would They Let Her Be A Fighter?

The rules for the daughter-in-law dated back to the 18th century. They were mere emotionless objects who had to ensure that the in-laws were well-fed and content. 

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Bala Tries To Deliver A Message Of Self-Acceptance, But Does It Need To Be So Preachy?

In its effort to portray 'issues', Ayushmann Khurana - Bhumi Pednekar starrer Bala ends up being all "Gyaan", says this reviewer. 

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When I Had A Very Unique Personal Fan Moment With MS Dhoni As A Clueless Schoolgirl!

Had I recognized him I could have at least stopped his bike and taken his autograph, which by now almost everybody had in my colony and school.

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“Keeping My Daughter With Me Is A Headache…” A True Life Story That I Had No Answer To

“If you educate your daughter, she can ensure your protection too.” “I will educate my daughter, who will educate the men – You?” she asked angrily.

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From The Dementors Of Delhi To The Cocoon Of The Mountains – I Happily Left My Soul Behind

Summers, an unbearable work load and a lot of stress! At such times, one can only dream of going to the hills just like the writer did! A trip to the hills cures it all!

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My Dad…My First Love

If I know what Love is, it’s because of Him, he is not the only guy in the universe, but he's the only one that matters the most to me.

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When I Came To Know Of That Homeless Woman’s Story, I Wished I Could Have Done More…

But I could not get the image of the blue diary, and the beggar’s wrinkled face and painful eyes out of my mind. Her eyes spoke so much about her life...

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