#HyderabadRape – Justice Served or Snatched?

Two sides of a coin tell us different tales, one should never conclude anything simply by knowing only about one side.

After 8 years of marriage, I am fed up with my husband. Our relationship has reached such a level that we have started blaming each other for every wrong that comes our way. Just like the current relationship we have with our Government. I will confess, in our blame game war, I often win it by playing the victim card. Today, we had an argument, he wanted me to rectify my overspending habit. In the evening, I took revenge by cooking “Onion Fritters”.  Well, I used all the onions that he purchased yesterday at Rs. 150 Kg. #Finally revenge taken.

Talking about revenge is not complete if I don’t mention the victory achieved by the Hyderabad Police some days back. Well, I will admit, I was thrilled after hearing the news. Justice served in 10 days. I was so happy that I even gave my house help half-day off. To which she innocently asked “Madam, Sahi log ko maara na ki aise hi 4 ko uda diya?”

After a long pause, I opened Google, scanned photos, read all the news available and re-confirmed “Yeah they confessed, those 4 were the culprits”

Still doubtful, my house help, joined me while I watched a news channel to get more details. “Madam, camera mai kabul kiya kya? Dikhaega kya abhi video?” She is no junior Sherlock Holmes, the questions she was asking were due to sheer innocence and concern.

I was seriously blank, for I had no answer. She was asking the right questions. And her last question made me speechless “Agar galat maar diya hoga to uske Maa Baap pe kya bitega? Gareeb log kahan jaenge complaint karne? Inka to ab koi sunega bhi nai?”

It is then that I realized, we are so fed up with our system and Government, that we have completely lost hope in our legal system. We have become so impatient, that we can’t even wait for the court to declare them guilty. We are knowingly celebrating an action, which is wrong as per human rights. Had this encounter happened with the Nirbhaya rape culprits, it would have been totally understood. Indeed 7 years is way too long, even after proven guilty. The same goes for all the cases where the culprits were proven guilty by the court and now, they are sitting comfortably in jail or are roaming outside on bail. Strict actions should indeed be taken for those.

Had the Hyderabad rape suspects, legally been proven guilty and then hanged, it would have truly served justice. Indeed, its high time fast track courts should come into the picture. But, taking matters in own hands sends a wrong message across the nation.

Just think, if there was a 1% chance that they had arrested/encountered the wrong 4 criminals, then I think the police made a terrible mistake.

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What if the real rapists are on loose and to hide their failure in arresting them, they encountered 4 innocents? These weird plots are usually shown in Bollywood movies, so there might be a slight possibility.

What about those 4 suspects’ family members? No news channel took the pain to cover their side of the story. For rest of their lives 4 mothers would go to bed daily wondering “what if?” Sadly, they won’t get the answer anymore in this life.

This evening, after taking my revenge, I was so happy celebrating my victory, I did not once bother to think “What if, my husband had a genuine excuse for our fight?”

To get an answer to my “what if”, later at night, I politely asked him about the reason. Little did I knew he was saving every last penny from his pocket just to gift me my dream holiday package. So, he wanted me to cut on the expenses. He wanted to make up for all our fights and wanted to start afresh. For that he was planning to propose and re-read our marriage vows. Two sides of a coin tell us different tales, one should never conclude anything simply by knowing only about one side. I got my answers when I still had the chance, but there are many who have no chance left. I feel sad for each one of them.

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