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Rocky aur rani staring Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt
KJo, You Almost Got It Right With Rocky Aur Rani, But You’ve A Long Way To Go Yet!

It misses the mark on its path to bravery. Because it tries but fails to save itself from the biggest, all-pervasive yet most subtle cliches of all when it comes to gender equality.

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These Poor Women Were Helpless Against Generational OCD
Generational OCD

Within a few days of marriage, I realized that the four female of the house – my husband’s mother, sister and two maternal aunts, were struck by what psychiatrists term Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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How Your Family Can Mess Up Your Mental Health Even Without Overt Violence!

One looks for emotional strength in a family. When you see your own people, you expect something which lifts you up and not pull you down!

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Dignity Of Labour — House-Helpers Are The Essential Pillar Of Society
Dignity Of Labour

Dai was originally intended to denote a midwife, someone who used to assist women in childbirth with the experience and expertise of previous generations. Similarly, an Aya was originally supposed to be a nanny who can assist the new mother with child-rearing.

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Are MIL And DIL Parallel Lines who never meet by any chance?

How many of us are happy with our mother-in-law/daughter-in-law? Leave alone the fact that we can never see them as our own mother or daughter, the least —  are we able to accept them as one in our family?

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Hard To Love — Remembering My Grandmother’s Legacy
Being My Grandmother's Granddaughter

Growing up, I don’t remember a lot of love being showered, but a series of rules being preached — don’t talk too much or too loudly, don’t laugh out hard! My grandmother was strict!

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