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These Women Are Changing The Horrible DIL-MIL Equation For Good

Moms-in-law today are changing from the monsters they often were in the past. Often being educated women themselves may have something to do with it, and is a welcome change.

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The Modern, Millennial Bahu In A Traditional Joint Family. Does It Work?
problems of joint families

What are the problems that modern daughters-in-law face in joint families? What are the problems of joint families in today's times? A daughter-in-law muses from experience.

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Joint Families – An Introspection On Their Dying Out

Long back my mother expressed her desire to have both my brothers, then unmarried, living under the same roof post marriage. It was a known fact that my brothers were quite close to each other and my mother was confident that their bonding would not take a beating even if they continued to live together […]

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