4 Workplace Changes To Empower Persons With Disabilities As Active Contributors, Not Just Beneficiaries

Workplaces have to go beyond looking at Persons with Disabilities as "beneficiaries" of policy change. The focus needs to be on empowering these employees to be active contributors to society.

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Brindavan & Ooty Botanical Garden Officials Discriminate Against Mom Of Disabled Child
A Mother\'s Disheartening Experience at Brindavan Gardens and Ooty Botanical Garden

Our visit to Brindavan Gardens & Ooty Botanical Garden turned disheartening with broken wheelchairs; betraying the promise of accessibility.

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The Corporate World Does Not Really Want To Hire People With Disabilities

Corporate spaces are mostly capitalist and ableist. Despite all the talk about DE&I policies, they are rarely supportive to invisible disabilities.

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Women With A Disability Also Have A Right To Dignity During Periods!

Today we talk about so many issues related to periods. But how many talk about the period related challenges faced by neurodivergent women and their families?

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Yaari Is A Wonderful Spotlight On All Hues Of Friendships In South Asian Women & Queer Folx

We are a very lonely people, I sometimes think. We are desperate not to be, and one of our strategies for ensuring that we're not is - friendship. Yaari.

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Akshay CM Is Bringing Disability Diversity And Inclusion To The Workplace
Akshay CM Is Bringing Disability Diversity and Inclusion To The Workplace

The first steps for any company include establishing a clear commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through written policies and communicative values.

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