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A Generous Dash Of Vermilion For The Goddess

By that time, a few other ladies had gathered around. Rumours fly faster than a supersonic plane in Indian societies. Chants of ‘new friend’ reverberated in front of the Goddess.

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5 Women Show How A Dream To Write In Power About The Personal & Political Becomes An Inclusive Reality
Write in Power

Can our personal stories be separated from the social and the political of the society that we live in? No, say the authors and editors of Write in Power, an inclusive anthology of fiction, non fiction, poetry and artwork.

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Rajat Was A Warm And Loving Person, But The World Wouldn’t Accept Them!

Warm and generously giving, loving as extremely as fighting with absolute clarity of thought, was my friend Rajat, who was non binary and identified with the pronouns they/ them.

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8 Powerful LGBT Small Town & Rural India Stories That Include The Extraordinary Dutee Chand!

If you an LGBT small town India or a rural area person, and if you are overwhelmed by what life is throwing at you, there are others like you. No one is alone.

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Madras HC Judge’s Decision To ‘Learn’ To Be Inclusive Of LGBT+ Communities Gives Hope

The Madras High Court Judge admitting that he does not understand same-sex relationships, but agreed to undergo an educational session to understand it better, gives us the much-needed ray of hope.

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Accenture India Accelerates LGBTQIA+ Equality By Switching To Gender Neutral Policies
Accenture India inclusive policy

Accenture India moves towards inclusive policies focusing on the caregiver, rather than the marital status or gender of the employee. This is a big deal for the queer community who cannot marry legally.

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