Because Age Is No Bar To Chase Your Dreams!

I’m the oldest student in the class, but age is no bar for learning something new right? And you know I can really give those youngsters a run for their money. I’m very good. Even the instructor says so. Payal reached the eight floor of the high rise and stood outside the intricately carved wooden […]

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And Sometimes, Love May Just Strike In The Sunset Years…

They always walked by the sea as the dusk fell, and the sea would wash their feet. The rumors also whispered that they always held hands. Padma heard them too, but she had lived life long enough to really care for it now.

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The League Of Ordinary Women

"People forget that older women are full persons who have their own hopes, wants and desires. You keep telling us that what we are doing is extraordinary, but to us this is routine. We don’t know how else to be.”

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You Need Me To Care For You, But A Caregiver Needs Some Me-Time Too!

Women carry the burden of being caregivers - caring for a special child, an elder who is bedridden, or a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's. These can be labours of love, but what about me-time for her?

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Are We Doing Enough To Keep Our Elders Safe?
keep our elders safe

After a certain age, they really cannot fend for themselves - its like a second childhood. Are we doing all we need to to keep our elders safe?

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