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Arva Bhavnagarwala

Hi. I'm Arva. A pediatrician by profession and writer by passion. A voracious reader, an optimist and a dreamer are the qualities that describe me the best! Hope you enjoy reading my stories.

Voice of Arva Bhavnagarwala

I Can Do It; I Have It In Me!

Saba always noticed how Razia looked at the little children who played in and around the chawl. That twinkling of her eyes, that wistful smile…

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The Soliloquy Of A Differently Abled Woman

I know that. I know she’s always there for me. It’s because of her that I’m independent. Ambulatory albeit with crutches. And ambitious. She never let me pity myself. Never.

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Coming Back For The Miracle Of Life

"You do what makes you happy, not what others expect of you, Jomol. And parents will be parents. It’s their job to be worried. Ultimately, the decision will be yours.”

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Because Age Is No Bar To Chase Your Dreams!

I’m the oldest student in the class, but age is no bar for learning something new right? And you know I can really give those youngsters a run for their money. I’m very good. Even the instructor says so. Payal reached the eight floor of the high rise and stood outside the intricately carved wooden […]

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I’m A Fighter, Maa. And I Will Not Let You Down!

“So that story which you always tell me is true, right? You’ve always told me my story! No wonder I feel so connected to that girl whenever you talk about her…”

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Where Is That Girl In High Heels?

"I found madam by that shoe cupboard. She was removing all the shoes and talking. I thought she was talking on phone. Then suddenly, she removed one black sandal with big heels and placed it on the floor and started laughing."

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“Pregnant Again? Why So Fast?” And Other Idiotic Things I Heard During My 2nd Pregnancy

It is our national pastime - poking our noses in other people's personal business, as this list of actual 'advice' the author received during her 2nd pregnancy proves!

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lose the connect
When Did We Lose The Connect In Our Marriage?

She was feeling trapped with all the emotions bottled up inside her. She wanted to share everything with Sagar, but the fear of rejection from him was scaring her.

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Murder In The Woods, She Said

And now we had no network as well. Going back in the reverse direction was the only thing that we could do. Just as Aditya started reversing the car, I heard a scream.

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Physics. And Their Chemistry

He reached in a few minutes and saw a young girl waiting exactly where she had described. He also noticed her long black hair flying in the wind and she was really pretty.

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