“Pregnant Again? Why So Fast?” And Other Idiotic Things I Heard During My 2nd Pregnancy

It is our national pastime - poking our noses in other people's personal business, as this list of actual 'advice' the author received during her 2nd pregnancy proves!

It is our national pastime – poking our noses in other people’s personal business, as this list of actual ‘advice’ the author received during her 2nd pregnancy proves!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was bombarded with numerous tips and advice from my friends, relatives and other ‘well wishers’. Some of them were really helpful, whereas others were downright hilarious, and a few even offensive. I used to end up arguing with a few of them when they would tell me about what I should do and not do. The end result being an upset friend/relative and an upset me.

So, when I was pregnant again, I thought that the tips and advice will stop, as I was now an experienced mother. But no, it didn’t. So I chose to keep my mouth shut, and thank them instead, for their ‘wonderful advice’.

Let me take you through my journey of those three trimesters, and the ‘wonderful’ tips that I received. The answers I wished to give (but chose to go mute and smile) are in italics.

First trimester

‘Oh my God! Pregnant again? Congrats anyway. Why so fast? You should have taken more rest.

Yes, why not? Why don’t you make all my life decisions? A burden less for me, eh?

Look she’s sleepy and drowsy all the time. Looks like you are having a boy this time too!

Ah, here come the old wives’ tales! Try looking after my older one while puking your guts out. Then we will see who is sleepy and drowsy! Ha!

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Second trimester

Start eating more dear. You need to eat for two. We want a chubby baby!

I had heard this one last time too. How about you let me swallow my own saliva first? 

Your elder one is so naughty. I think you should take as much rest as possible now. How will you manage otherwise? It’s going to be really tough.

Thank you for your ‘encouraging’ words. It won’t be tough. You don’t worry. You stay right next door, I’ll send my older one at your place for some time everyday. I’m sure you will help. Right?

Third trimester

You should start looking for a full time maid now. Things are going to get difficult as soon as the second one pops out!

Sure, the position is open. Are you interested? 

I think your water broke. Your dress is wet from below. Let’s rush to the hospital. Hurry!

No, that’s not my water. There’s still a few weeks left. Don’t look at me like that. You didn’t let me go to the bathroom on time. Sorry, I couldn’t help it!

Post delivery

Oh my God! Your second one is also a boy. Now what? You always wanted a girl.  Are you going to plan for a third one again?

Oh yes, I will. But not ‘Until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east’. What? Don’t stare at me like that. You’ve never heard it? Duh! This is a very famous dialogue that Daenerys Targarean tells her husband Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones. Go binge watch it now and don’t claw on my brains!

Have you too received such pieces of advice in your pregnancy?

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