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covid jab
How I Almost Died After My 1st Vaccine Jab For COVID

I had a serious, life threatening reaction to the 1st jab of Covishield, and I'm thankful just to be alive and recovering, though I'm still wondering...

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35 Books To Help Young Kids Make Sense Of The Pandemic And Its Isolating Effects

Explaining things to kids in terms they understand plays a huge role in allaying any fears or worries, and books are a huge help. Books to explain COVID and the lockdown.

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3rd Wave Of COVID And Kids: 10 Things Parents And Caregivers Should Know
covid and kids

A possible 3rd wave of COVID, the Delta variant in India, and kids under 18 being unvaccinated while schools may re-open, here's what parents should know.

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She Was Going To Come Home Soon, But…

I sat on the bed all confused. I couldn’t get myself to reality. It was such a beautiful dream and it all seemed so real. I wanted to sleep again. At least that way I could hear her voice.

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COVID 19 Brain Fog Is Real And For Those Who Experience It, It’s Horrible
COVID 19 brain fog

A feeling of 'not being all there', 'spaced out', can be post COVID 19 brain fog, seen as one of the complications, especially in long COVID.

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My Grandma Recovered, But Succumbed To Post COVID Complications!
post COVID complications

My grandma battled the virus for more than a month and came home recovered, but succumbed to post COVID complications. Trying to make sense of it.

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