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I Watched My Mother As She Cried Secretly, Then Wiped Her Tears And Got To Work With A Smile…

Nirmala disconnected, and turned to speak to Amma. But she was long gone. Once more, the poor kitchen utensils were bearing the brunt of Amma’s temper.

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He Should Have Known Better. SHE Should Have Known Better!

It was not a question of whether she wanted to be here; it was that she needed to be. It was a question she had asked herself a million times before, and she’d wound up with the same answer each time. This was what she had to do to survive.

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The Bridges To Her Past Lay Broken And She Had No Intention Of Mending Them…

Gradually, this became a pattern. No matter how assiduously Minati tried to evade her father-in-law, he would find ways and means of crossing her path. And touching her inappropriately.

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Either You Want Your Daughter To Marry Or To Be Happy; You Can Only Get One!

Now Jaya had only one unfinished business-- to find a suitable boy for her daughter and arrange her wedding. Then she would be free from her responsibilities.

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This Is Our Chance To Define Our Relationship In Our Own Way

“We all have our own ways of grieving,” Namrata said in a firm voice. “Sandhya was always close to her father. She does not need to justify her actions to outsiders.”

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This Time Her Mother In Law Would Have Her Support, And Wouldn’t Alone!

Many nights, she would think about how Sharada had pulled through those tough times. Would she be able to do something like that?

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