It’s 2019, But Most Indians Remain The Educated Illiterate, With 19th Century Mindsets!

Education is getting better, but our minds still remain illiterate; look at the number of highly educated young men looking for a sanskaari bride who will 'take care' of everything.

Education is getting better, but our minds still remain illiterate; look at the number of highly educated young men looking for a sanskaari bride who will ‘take care’ of everything.

This particular species has been growing consistently over the past few years. In recent times, it has progressed to such a phenomenal rate, that I worry it will outnumber the rest of the population. This is because they follow a simple rule of science, adapt well according to the prevailing environment and hence dominate other species.

What! Confused? Let me burst the bubble.

I am describing a specific category of people who have academic certificates to prove they are educated, but show clear traits of illiterate ones.

How to recognize an educated illiterate?

Well, here are certain characteristics of these people:


Being chivalrous enough to pull a chair for a girl, but condemns her for her short dress.

(Afterall it’s against Indian culture; that’s the first lesson they are taught about)

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Is this ‘food’?

Wanting a perfectly cooked meal including their favorite cuisine just at the right temperature and in the right proportions. If not, they don’t waste a single minute throwing verbal abuse as chastisement.

(That’s what the rule is- Women are supposed to cook the best possible way. After all, this is the least they can do in comparison to the extreme laborious day that their male counterparts have to encounter)

Only a superwoman will do

Want an ambitious life partner, but can’t endure her giving priorities to work instead of household chores.

(Now what’s wrong in that! Women should be pliable enough to juggle between these things, and needless to say, without complaints!)

Blame it on the mom

Offloading parental responsibilities completely on their female counterparts, and accusing them of any random issues observed with the child, be it poor score in exams or indecent behaviour.

(Nothing surprising! That’s what they have been witnessing over the period of countless generations. This is obviously not their fault!)

Superiority complex

Being a holler for minuscule issues, and oppressing the ones who are inferior to them based on casteism or financial status.

(Afterall this is the only thing they have been taught so far, to learn how to earn money. So, it is obvious those who don’t know it, would be of no match to them.)

Parasites of humanity

Clearly, they know how to dominate and suppress others. Just like how parasites cling onto their hosts and suck the nutrition out of it, these people suck your confidence, break your integrity, make you feel tiny, disown you emotionally, leaving you with scarred souls.

Who said education teaches humility? That’s the symptom of weak and immature! Patience, affection, and honesty have become so outdated that they are no more a necessity for survival.

Indian education – a culprit

In India, education serves mainly two goals – employability and marriage. Nobody wants to get the basic essence of education which is

  • to liberate your mind,
  • come out of social stigma,
  • break open the misogynistic wall,
  • look at all genders in fact, all the creatures with equality,
  • kick the feudal mentality out of their mind,
  • ability to accept the change and flow with it,
  • building courage to accept the truth and reiterate when needed.

Learnings here are never centered on the inner self.

Outer polish, inner muck

We are always educated about external problems around us and how to tackle them, but never asked to introspect and look at the core of the problem. One is never taught to balance the agility of the body with a tranquil mind. As a result, they are never in sync. Even with the mind, the logical section of the brain is often either asleep, or in resting mode, or probably underdeveloped.

Now, this is even worse. Humans are said to be smartest and most developed species. One of the main reasons is because of their extremely high brain capacities, and here we are at the juncture of a period where with a consensus, we have stopped utilizing it to its full potential.

The need of the hour is to look at the world through your own lenses but not what others are trying to show you. Let knowledge roam your thoughts and imaginations drift, let it remove biased glasses and look at all with equality. Let empathy prevail in you and be truly human to others. Learn to accept the errors in the process, while still craving for perfection, learn to be a little wiser and rise above the petty things.

Image source: a still from the film Hum Saath Saath Hain

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