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Are You Made To Believe That You Are Too Lazy To Cook?

Looking at the pop-ups questioning "Are you Lazy?" for 1000 - 2000 times actually make you lazy because it is a sort of "psychotherapy".

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10 Years and A Million Tears

The author describes her mental state when she waited for a loved one to get better and expresses her gratitude for the medical fraternity through this poignant poem.

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The Perils Of ‘Fast Fashion’

Are you falling prey to 'fast fashion'? Read on to know what it means and why it is hampering the society in the long run.

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“Hello, I’m Devika, 98 Years Old. I Have Breast Fed 20 Children Not Born To Me”

It was during this time that Devika started to think about what an innocent child loses when its mother is unavailable to supply it with nature's gift of mother's milk.

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A Child In Faizabad Dies After Falling Off The Operation Table! Dear Doctor, Where’s Your Humanity?

In yet another shamefully shocking incident in a government hospital in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, a new born baby allegedly died due to slipping from the operation table!

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Last Thoughts Of An Accident Victim Stuck In An Ambulance “I Might Die, Please Let Me Go!”

I could barely hear her voice, though she was visibly yelling at the driver, hand-signalling him to keep going. Yes, I was in an ambulance, the victim in a hit-and-run case.

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9 Travel Safety Checks I Do When Taking A Private Taxi At Night. And You?

Women often make a number of travel safety checks when they take a cab alone at night. Given the growing number of cab harassment and assault cases, what do you feel?

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