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I am the author of "26 Words : A to Z of Short Stories", a working mom and a blogger. I blog about parenting, pregnancy, food, lifestyle, reviews, stories and life in general and share my journey on My book is a collection of 26 short stories, on topics of social issues ranging from Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, Acid Attack etc. My book is my first ever attempt at writing and I feel strongly about each one of the topics chosen in my tales. My attempt is to speak up about these topics and bring them to notice.

Voice of Smita Pal

How Peer Pressure GOT Me And I Joined The Herd Of Game Of Thrones Fans

I did everything possible to not have to see this day (or an episode of GOT) ever. But today I sit in front of you confessing how I crumbled under society’s harsh pressures.

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10 Commandments On How To Treat Social Media

Treat social media with a pinch of salt...only for entertainment. It’s a good place to be influenced too as long as we do it with a bit of maturity

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A Woman Shaming Another Woman For Her Short Clothes Just Won’t Do In Today’s World

It’s bad enough that women have to battle misogyny, inequality, patriarchy along with predominant rape culture, and it's worse when they are shamed by their own gender.

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F for foeticide
F For Foeticide? [#ShortStory]

"What use is a daughter? I need sons who can carry on my name, my business, my legacy. A daughter is only a waste of money."

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Stop The Body Shaming, Nike! Aren’t Regular Sized Women Good Enough For Your Da Da Ding Ad?

It’s 2016, so can we stop body shaming women already? Shame on you, Nike, for catering to the stereotype!

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