How Peer Pressure GOT Me And I Joined The Herd Of Game Of Thrones Fans

I did everything possible to not have to see this day (or an episode of GOT) ever. But today I sit in front of you confessing how I crumbled under society’s harsh pressures.

Daenerys Targaryen hatches 3 dragon babies and decides to sail to Westeros and since then it has been nearly impossible for me to hold meaningful, adult conversations without having some GOT reference thrown rudely at my face by the unbending #GOTfans. Puns, Memes, one-liners, you name it, they had it.

This is my story of how I withstood the onslaught of the GOT wave and then one terrible day I gave in. Yes, I broke. Yes, I gave in, I couldn’t fight it anymore. I tried, I really tried; you have to, believe me, I tried till I could try no more. I did everything possible to not have to see this day (or an episode of GOT) ever. But today I sit in front of you, typing my confessions pouring my heart out on how I crumbled under society’s harsh pressures.

I have finally given in to the Peer Pressure(I don’t know what else to call it) and seen GOT. I know I am an exception rather than the rule as one of ‘those’ people who hadn’t got around or cared enough to watch the epic #gameofthrones series till now. But I surely can’t be the only living human who isn’t waking up at that God-forsaken early hour every Monday morning to catch the #gameofthronesseason8 episodes!

Surely there are others like me, who haven’t had the uncontrollable desire to watch this super humongous series. And are able to live, breathe, survive and even break into a dance when the mood struck without knowing that “Winter is coming”..Yes, I have avoided this; first because when the fever was growing, I was at that time living a zombie (read mom) life. Eating, feeding, working and not sleeping (new mommy syndrome). And later when I was human again; the idea of it didn’t entice me. It seemed too dark for my liking. So yes I managed to live and thrive without having watched a single episode of GOT. Life was good. Life was simple.

But things started changing slowly and steadily; “winter was coming..

I went out with my friends, we were all sitting around, laughing and having fun and one suddenly said, “A Lannister always pays his debts”. They all laughed, guffaws went around and I blinked my eyes twice. I suddenly felt alone in this big bleak world. I tried pretending to be overly interested in my sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten free, GMO certified drink. But I knew that they knew that I didn’t know.

Their stares felt like daggers on my glossy highlighted cheeks, contoured (using Mac Strobe light Highlighter)after watching 3 MUA YT videos. I felt the chill seeping in through the oval cutouts on my arms in my cold shoulder Zara Top.

I came home, dejected, tired. To hell with the world and it’s cold ways. This is the reason I want to avoid human company, and feel safe in my world of written words. I got inside the warm covers, manually lifted my husband’s legs; who was sprawled diagonally across the whole duvet, as if he he had never heard about illegal encroachment. I moved the said log…sorry leg, to the other side of the bed and settled in with my book…sorry my phone.

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The first meme made my joy turn into ashes in my mouth. The GIF displayed kept saying, “The night is dark and full of terrors.” I threw away my phone, terrified, trembling, what was happening to me. When did this happen? When did I become this stupid; the village idiot who doesn’t even understand the iconic memes doing the rounds. I felt sad, broken, hungry. Sugar-free, low calorie drinks made you feel hungry at night.

Next morning I woke up, mouth tasting of the leftover chocolate cake..not ashes. I went into the kitchen to make some tea. It was a Sunday, my wound from last evening still fresh and green. If you thought this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

I saw him, the little fish, padding into the living room. I went to counter him as he had failed to bring the life sustenance items from the grocery store. Now what will we waste in our freezer this whole week? So I went and countered him whether he knew that he had no clue about how marriages and families needed work. Did he know that with great power came great responsibilities? He looked up from his Sunday times, his eyes pierced into mine, and he said, “You know nothing, Jon Snow”

But a lion does not concern himself with the opinion of the sheep. So I ignored him and opened up Whatsapp to get on some serious plan making and cancelling sessions with my bestie.

But what in God’s name was this? My sweet friend’s pretty selfie face on her display picture was replaced by the black, not at all pretty, Iron throne. I closed the chat app with a heavy heart.

I felt alone, far away from the love of my life, disconnected from my peers, questioning my existence, obsolete in my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reruns.

I drank my coffee, to know things. And then I decided. A girl is Smita of Gurgaon. And I’m going to watch this B***** show.

Hold the Door.

Until the next episode,

GOT Meme

Image is a still from the series Game Of Thrones


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