What actions should HR and business leaders take to curb mental harassment at work? Share your thoughts.


Hi!I am Shubham. I work as an HR Manager.I am a Math enthusiast and also have my YouTube channel - Solve With Shubham which has been started with an intention to help students primarily preparing for MBA.

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The Fear Of Failure

Let us realize that giving up is easy but if we avoid failures, we are also avoiding success.

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When Love Is Thicker Than Blood…

However, when Mukta got to know about her appa’s deteriorating health, she took a long sabbatical from her job and came back to Puri to be with her foster parents, and took care of her appa till he breathed his last.

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The Pain Of Being Looked Upon As – ‘Baanjh’

He, instead, proposed that they adopt a child, and supported his wife. This did not really go well with his parents, and he was chided for being 'tied to his wife’s apron string' and not making a wise decision.

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menstrual myths
This Recent Short Film Gaokor Hits Hard At Ridiculous Menstrual Practices

Menstrual myths and practices that discriminate against women for a very natural phenomenon are a scourge of reasonable society.

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My Son Prefers His Father And I Am Happy About It!

This mom's son prefers his father. Instead of feeling bad about not coming first with her child, this mom has found how it works better for her!

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