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My Son Prefers His Father And I Am Happy About It!

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This mom’s son prefers his father. Instead of feeling bad about not coming first with her child, this mom has found how it works better for her!

I am not an Alpha Mom but I have my aspirations. I want my “Me” time when I can sit quietly with a bowl of snacks and a cup of refreshing tea and drink it till eternity. I want to read books leisurely, watch movies with my friends, and have a cosy dinner with my husband.

The twist is – I have a son who is 22 months old now, and is energetic like a storm. He talks incessantly and is always on a swing when he is awake.

Apple – his pet name – is a quick learner, talks in 3 languages – Hindi/Kannada/English, and loves to do household chores – sweeping, cleaning etc. He adores his babysitter, loves his granny and his masis/mussu (aunty/uncle) but he is completely besotted with his father.

So, is the the “villain” of my story my husband??

No. He is the hero and my saviour, who loves his son unconditionally and is sometimes even better than me in taking care of Apple. He bathes him, does oil massages, cuddles him to sleep, sings lullabies and is a creative masterpiece when it comes to weaving stories out of nowhere. The duo shares an amazing chemistry and their play dates are sight to behold.

But it did not go well with me in the beginning when I had just entered motherhood. It used to break my heart seeing my son preferring his father over me. I was in state of denial for some time, and felt incredulous for a few months, but eventually learned and accepted the truth: that I am the 2nd love of my son, 1st was always his father.

With this realization, I felt exalted and newly alive! I started looking at the other side of the coin and suddenly I found myself in a buoyant mood, cherishing all the time which I had for myself – only myself. Instead of weeping over the situation, I found solace in it and then came party time.

Leaving my kiddo with his father, I started relaxing more; embarked on a new journey of writing and establishing my blog, and indulged myself in learning and exploring new things. Apple of my eyes does love me, and I am the one whom he comes to when he’s hungry, but otherwise my husband is adept in doing everything else, and Apple is taken care of.

I am a happy woman, and this transcends me into a loving mother who is certainly content with the fact that her son is more inclined towards his father.

Image source: pexels

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