Shruti Pithadia

Shruti is a marketer by day and a reader & writer by night. She is usually found observing people and places, asking questions and being sarcastic. She weaves stories from words and spaces, people and places, and likes to share them wherever and whenever she can.

Voice of Shruti Pithadia

office housework
4 Reasons Why Women Should Stop ‘Handing Out The Cake’ At Office Parties

Women, learn to say no to 'office housework' - not only does it rob you of your valuable time, it also perpetuates stereotypes about women.

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The Period Stain!

Why is a 'period stain' such a big deal? The author shares her experience. Read on!

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To The Friend Who Walked Away: I Have Given Up On You

A beautiful friendship is something that we all hold dear. But do all friendships last forever? Sometimes yes, while at other times no. And when it is a NO, it becomes the saddest thing to let go of. To consider that what you once held so dear, may not have been true at all.

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To The Girl Who Was Not Loved Back

The author says that it is so easy to doubt oneself after a break-up, but remember the one who would be worthy of you would never leave you alone and love you as you are.

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