The Period Stain!

Posted: January 10, 2019

Why is a ‘period stain’ such a big deal? The author shares her experience. Read on!

I stood up and went towards the lav,
And felt all the eyes on me.

I still got inside and checked for the scars,
Found none on my face but just below the tee,
A small red spot on my pants-
Smirked at me from the other side of mirror.

I pulled the t-shirt down just over the stain,
But, all in vain when I saw the rear-
I said, “f*ck it!” and stepped out,
But,couldn’t avoid the mocking stares.

With clumsy steps as I reached my place,
A peer called and hushed about my stained pairs.
I packed up and walked towards the door,
With more stares than before and some whispers.
Thus, by the time I punched out from the place,
Almost everyone had gasped, “Whoa! the period stain.”

Image Source: Unsplash

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