Shriya Pandey

Shriya Pandey is a qualified lawyer with specific work experience in the area of intellectual property law. In her downtime, she can be found lounging on her custom made bed, ruminating over life’s big and small injustices. She is an obsessive pop culture junkie, anti-censorship supporter, obscure trivia collector and abhors loud music, crowded spaces and the very specific sadness of a lonely winter night.

Voice of Shriya Pandey

Lone Acts Of Kindness

But I can say with a great degree of certainity that acts of kindness are desperately needed and as rare and lone as they come but in their exclusiveness and scant-ness lies their value.

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Stop Running Life On ‘Empty,’ There Are Things That Matter More!

Her work didn’t satisfy her but the pressure of failing at the thing she made her life’s priority kept her from taking the big step to quit.

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Despite Everything, She Knew, With Him, She Could Begin Again, Everyday!

She could call him. Despite all that had happened, he was still her husband, wasn’t he? She honestly didn’t know where they stood anymore.

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Is It Easy For You To Reconnect With Old Friends, Or Does This Happen To You?

In between our last meeting and now, my friend and I had gained new friends, new jobs, new romantic partners, even new world views and ideals.

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Despair And Pain, Or Warmth And Happiness; I Believe A House Feels These Too…

Can a house feel and absorb the emotions of people who live in it, who have lived in it? I think yes, because I feel these too.

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