Shriya Pandey

Shriya Pandey is a qualified lawyer with specific work experience in the area of intellectual property law. In her downtime, she can be found lounging on her custom made bed, ruminating over life’s big and small injustices. She is an obsessive pop culture junkie, anti-censorship supporter, obscure trivia collector and abhors loud music, crowded spaces and the very specific sadness of a lonely winter night.

Voice of Shriya Pandey

I HAD TO Make An Escape And Save Myself, Even If It Meant This…

I made my escape. I had no fight left in me. I saved myself. I had no guilt in me. I wanted to wipe the slate clean. I was no longer tethered, I was free.

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Do Houses Have Souls Too? I Believe They Do; I’ve Felt Them…

An emotion of a state of mind that colours everything in our life at the time can change the place we stay at too, and the whole house feels to echo your feelings.

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Time Just Passes Faster In Your 20’s… As I Was Saddened To Realise Recently

"I was the same person in college as I was in school, but after the few years after college, I could barely recognize myself." A look at how much can change in the jump from being an idealistic student to a full adult.

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