Shravani Pal

I love writing, it is an outlet, a stress buster as well as a means for understanding myself. I am trying to find my voice. Searching for the unattainable, to bring in the change.

Voice of Shravani Pal

story of a miscarriage
I Want To Share With You My Miscarriage Story; Please Bear With My Pain…

A woman looking forward with such joy to becoming a mom after a positive pregnancy test talks of her painful journey through a miscarriage.

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Our Elderly Parents – Forgotten But Alive

Why is it so difficult to love and care for our elderly? Imagine where would we have been if our parents refused to provide for us?

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I Hope I Love My Daughter Always, So That She Doesn’t Feel Unloved Like I Did As A Girl

"What if I also find myself incapable of loving my daughter someday?" is a fear this young mother to be expresses, in case a girl is born, like she was deprived of love as a girl child.

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‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Syndrome Has Destroyed Many Lives Since The Time Of Ramayana!

'Log kya kahenge' is an illness Indian society has. So much that is wrong with it is because of this fear of what people will say, since ancient times, even found in our epics.

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